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Has Cliff Richard Had A Plastic Surgery? Where Is He Now? Wife And Children

Cliff Richard plastic surgery queries have arisen due to the artist’s ever-youthful look. Cliff Richard is one of the most prominent artists, having sold one of the highest records worldwide.

As the legendary artist grows older, fans have noticed that the artist has had many facial transformations. Today, we are looking deeper into whether these transformations are the product of aging or plastic surgery.

One of the most successful musicians of all time, Cliff Richard, has sold over 250 million records worldwide. He is the third-best-selling artist in the history of the UK Singles Chart.

With over 21.5 million singles sold there, Richard is only behind Elvis Presley and the Beatles. This makes him a living legend in British Music. 

Cliff Richard’s Plastic Surgery

It is no secret that the 80- year old looks exceptionally good for his age. This raises the question of whether Cliff Richard has ever undergone plastic surgery. 

At his age, it is no surprise that Richard is considered the Peter Pan of Pop. Not only does he look charmingly young for his age, but it is also curious how he manages to look that way. 

However, there have been very few instances where the artist claims to have undergone the knife to change or maintain his looks. For example, Bestfastlife claims that Cliff Richard intends to get a facelift with his friend Gloria Hunninford.

The pair wants to get the facelift as a packaged deal. The facial transformation process intends to reduce the number of crow’s feet the artist has under his eyes.


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Cliff Richard’s Facial changes Source: Express

The Artist Cliff Richard does care significantly about his facial appearance and the idea of youth. That may also be why, at the age of 80, Richard might still be using botox to prevent wrinkles on his face. 

However, Cliff Richard has never undergone any significant plastic surgery that majorly impacts the basic appearance of his face. For the most part, Richard’s appearance is natural. 

Where is Cliff Richard Now?

As of now, Cliff Richard is going through something complicated and tragic. He has just lost a very dear friend of his. 

 According to many sources, the artist is currently mourning the loss of his dear friend Olivia Newton-John.

According to The Daily Mail, Cliff Richard was “distraught” by the passing of his “soulmate,” Olivia Newton-John, as he paid respect to the well-known Australian performer.

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In the 1970s, she frequently appeared on his program, and the artist acknowledged that he “fell in love” with her.

Cliff Richard 2022 (Source: Metro)

Personally, Richard intends on living a hundred years. He says that he is reading a book that gives his ideas on how to live a long life and adheres to the therapeutic measures recommended by the book.

Cliff Richard’s Wife and Children

Cliff Richard has never been married and hence does not have any children. The legendary artist goes as far as to state that not being a father never bothered him.

Cliff has often said that his choice never to get married has been instrumental in his happy and healthy life. He has taken up living with himself and seems very content with it. 

However, Richard does have a dating history.

wife 1
Cliff Richard and Sue Baker watching tennis (Source: The Sun)

One of his most popular relationships was with Sue Baker. Sue and Cliff were together for a brief period in the 80s. The pair was highly fond of tennis and often watched the sport together.

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Additionally, Richard has come out to admit that he loved Newton-John, following her death. 

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