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The Charly Bliss Lead Singer Eva Hendricks Age: Everything To Know

Eva Hendricks age has been searched all over by her fans as “The Charly Bliss” band has been climbing the music industry by storms. 

The lead vocalist for the band Charly Bliss is Eva Hendricks. San Hendricks, Dan Shure, and Spencer Fox make up the band in addition to Hendricks. “Young Enough” and “Guppy,” the group’s two studio albums, have both been released.

The band transitioned from garage rock to power pop from their first album to their second one. Weezer has frequently been used to describe their sound, and Eva has affirmed that the band has long considered Weezer their most significant influence.

Eva Hendricks
Eva Hendricks Band Charly Bliss Song Hard To Believe Cover (Source: Instagram)

The Killers, the All-American Rejects, Cibo Matto, Kate Bush, and Fountains of Wayne are some musical influences on the band. Hendricks had grown up listening to various musical acts, including Talking Heads, Blondie, and David Bowie.

In terms of writing and production, their second album, “Young Enough,” was influenced by Lorde’s album “Melodrama.”

After the publication of “Guppy,” the band embarked on their first UK tour and then a cross-country tour. They debuted their song “Heaven” in 2018 and performed as the opening act for a rock band.

On October 30, 2019, Charly Bliss released their EP Supermoon, which had five songs. In 2020, the group contributed a “Pretend to Be Nice” cover in Adam Schlesinger’s honor.

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Eva Hendricks Age: How Old Is The Charly Bliss Lead Singer? 

Eva Hendricks was born on July 24, 1993, making her 29 years old in 2022.

Hendricks enjoys spending time with her close family and friends on her birthday every year. In her late 20s, she has become more successful and well-liked.

However, she has been honing her abilities since a young age. Eva began singing when she was six years old and grew up performing in musicals. When Eva was ten years old, she started taking singing training.

Her teacher used to yell at Charly Bliss for having a raspy voice during vocal training, but now her voice is one of her distinguishing qualities. She sang jingles for commercials when he was in high school, which helped her learn how to perform and act with her voice.

Eva Hendricks Parents Fully Supported Her In Music

Eva Hendricks had encouraging parents who cherished music and desired for them to pursue careers in it.

Most parents would disapprove if their kids wanted to become musicians, but Eva and her brother were different. Their parents supported them in pursuing professions in music. Since they were small, they have wanted the siblings to play together.

Before joining the band, Sam and Eva would jam out in their home’s basement. When their parents found out they were playing, they would put up a camera recorder and start to capture their performance.

Eva Hendricks
Eva Hendricks With Her Band Members (Source: Instagram)

Because their father is a writer and their mother is a photographer, Eva and her brother both grew up in a creative environment. The sibling’s father was a band member when he was their age.

During family gatherings, not only their parents but also their grandparents would request that they perform together. They were raised in a nurturing environment.

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Eva Hendricks And Her Brother Sam Are Band Members

In the band Charly Bliss, of which Eva is the lead singer, Sam Hendricks is the drummer.

The siblings grew up with each other in a very close relationship. Eva believed her elder brother Sam was the most excellent person ever and constantly looked up to him.

They first collaborated when Eva wanted to record some demos for the program she was applying for while she was applying to colleges. Sam was available and playing with his former band when the lead singer required assistance with the drums.

They made a demo at the Connecticut recording studio, and after the studio owner loved it and volunteered to help, they decided to establish Charly Bliss.

They made a demo at the Connecticut recording studio, and the proprietor of the studio liked it and promised to help them, which led to the formation of Charly Bliss.

Eva Hendricks Net Worth From Music

According to TrendingPal, Eva Hendricks has an estimated net worth of roughly $1 Million.

When Charly Bliss issued their debut EP, “Soft Serve,” Eva made her first money as the band’s lead vocalist, and with the aid of Bandcamp, they began to receive orders from all over the world.

Eva Hendricks
Eva Hendricks Performing At Her Concert (Source: Instagram)

Eva and her bandmates experienced issues with shipping costs while distributing their albums internationally since they were paying excessive shipping fees and incurring losses. They were nevertheless appreciative that individuals from foreign nations purchased their recordings and enjoyed their music, though.

Eva detailed how they got their band’s merchandise launched during an interview with The Creative Independent. They produced scrunchies and pins, which were well-liked by the followers. Following the popularity of their scrunchies and nails, they also produced t-shirts, which were also a hit. They distributed tote bags during their debut tour.

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