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Darius Rucker Divorce Update: Beth And He Decided To Split After 20 Years Of Marriage

The internet is taken by storm after learning about Darius Rucker’s divorce from Beth Leonard. The singer and his wife have decided to split after twenty years of marriage.

Darius Rucker is an American singer and songwriter who has contributed to many philanthropic projects in his lifetime.

He rose to fame for his country songs, which he performed with his band – Hootie & the Blowfish – and during his solo career.

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The 58 year-old musician has four Grammy Awards and more than fifteen nominations for various other awards.

He married Beth Leonard but split with her in 2020, announcing an amicable separation. 

Darius Rucker Divorce With Beth Leonard And Updates

Darius Rucker and Beth Leonard met in 1998 and got married in 2000. After twenty years of marriage, in 2020, they announced their “conscious uncoupling.”

Conscious uncoupling refers to a relatively amicable divorce or separation, which has led fans to believe that their divorce was mutual and wasn’t instigated by one or the other.

Beth was born in 1978 and is 46 years old. She is a philanthropist and formerly worked as an event manager for VH1.

Darius Rucker Divorce
Darius shares a picture of him and Beth announcing their divorce. (Source: Instagram)

The reason for their divorce has been the subject of much speculation on the internet. Many believe that Darius’s constantly traveling lifestyle as a musician strained their relationship.

As for any updates regarding their separation, after Darius Rucker’s divorce, he reportedly dated Kate Quigley for a short while but called it quits within eight months.

Darius seemed keen to keep their relationship under wraps, but Kate quickly took to Twitter and Instagram after they started dating.

Darius appeared in many of the comedian’s Instagram posts after his divorce announcement. However, they split up shortly. The two still need to clarify why they broke up.

Currently, Darius Rucker is single and is focusing on his career.

Darius Rucker Kids And Family

Darius Rucker was born to a single mother – Carolyn Rucker, on May 13, 1966, in Charleston, South Carolina.

He has three sisters and two brothers, and all six of them were raised together.

His family comes from a financially unstable background, but the singer recalls his childhood with fond memories.

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Even though he has a rocky relationship with his Father, the singer seems pretty well-adjusted.

As for his kids, the singer has two kids – Daniela Rose Rucker and Jack Rucker with his ex-wife, and Caroline Rucker from a former girlfriend. 

Darius Rucker Kids
Darius with his ex-wife and kids. (Source: Country Fancast)

Following Darius Rucker’s divorce, his children face the aftermath. Neither Darius nor his wife has filed for sole custody of their children.

So how are they raising their kids after their divorce?

The couple has chosen to remain silent about their parenting method, but many speculate that the kids share time between their mother and their Father’s House.

Darius Rucker Net Worth Explored

As of 2024, Darius Rocker’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million. Where does his wealth come from?

The 58 year-old first made his debut in the music industry as the lead guitarist and singer of the rock band Hootie & the Blowfish.

Darius Rucker Net Worth
Darius with his band, Hootie & the Blowfish. (Source: ABC News)

He met his bandmates at the University of South Carolina, and they would perform song covers at local venues before producing their albums.

Their album, “Cracked Rear View,” catapulted them to fame, and the sales increased their net worth considerably.

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While in the band, Rucker also worked on his solo career as a musician and released his first solo country single in 2008. 

His solo career, alongside his band, has allowed the musician to acquire millions.

Not only that, but Darius has also had several brand endorsements throughout his career, which have paid off quite well.

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