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David Depape Wife: Is The 42 Year Old Suspect Married? Parents And Family Ethnicity

Who is David Depape married to? Get details about David Depape wife and more from this article.

The guy who allegedly broke into Nancy Pelosi’s House and beat her 82-year-old husband, Paul, with a hammer was charged on multiple counts on Tuesday, including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and wrongful imprisonment of an older adult.

For the first time since the assault, the suspect, David DePape, submitted a not-guilty plea in a courtroom in San Francisco.

He is still in the care of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office and, if found guilty of the state charges, could spend the next 13 years behind bars.

After the arraignment, DePape’s public lawyer, Adam Lipson, wished Paul Pelosi well and informed reporters that he presently has “very little information about the case.”

Lipson added that there had been a lot of speculation and gossip based on this case. But I haven’t even read the Police report as of yet. 

David Depape Wife: Is The 42-Year-Old Suspect Married?

David Depape was a married man. However, Depape and his wife seemed to split a few years back. According to several sources, the couple split because of David’s alleged toxic behavior.

The identity of Depape’s wife has not been revealed to the media. In addition, any information regarding her is kept a secret. David and his wife had a daughter together. She was born in 2001 and is 21 years old now.

Inti Gonzalez, 21, identified herself as DePape’s daughter during a Friday phone call. In a blog post, DePape asserted that her mother had banished her when she was 13 for participating in supposedly “toxic” behavior.

David Depape Wife
Init Gonzalez, the daughter of David DePape, alleges that he “physically and sexually abused” her and her siblings when he was in a relationship with their mother for many years. (Source: Fox News)

Gonzalez claimed that she and DePape had been estranged up until a few months ago when she got in touch with him to check on him.

She wrote that she was shocked by the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s spouse. “I failed to anticipate this.” Although she admitted to reading his website, she did not share all of his opinions.

Gonzalez commented, “I was pleased to learn that he strongly believes in significant challenges our world faces today. He desired to influence change.

“Even though he has been completely swallowed by darkness, there is some good in him.” The attack on Friday’s purpose is yet unknown, although DePape has occasionally divergent political views.

David Depape Family: Parents And Ethnicity

David Depape is the stepson of Gene DePape and Teresa DePape. David, 42, grew up in Powell River. The identity of David’s birth parents is unknown. As a result, we cannot specify his ethnicity.

According to Gene, when David was just a year old, he came into his life. After getting married to David’s mother, Gene adopted David when he was three.

Although the biological mother of both Gene and David divorced in 1993, David remained to live with Gene until the late 1990s.

David DePape family
David DePape was a calm kid, according to his stepfather Gene DePape. (Source: Gulf News)

Gene tells KRON4 that David was “never in problems as a kid.” David was “calm, gentle, and compassionate,” he continued. Gene claims that learning of the attack surprised him.

The family hasn’t seen David in about 20 years, but Gene’s current wife, Teresa DePape, David’s stepmother, claims that although he was reclusive, David was “never violent.” According to Gene, David and his sister had supper with him in 2003, the last time he saw him.

Since David was raised by family members, including his birth mother, Gene claims he has not heard of child abuse. Gene claims he has not yet spoken to law enforcement about David or this case, even though he and his wife have been following the news.

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