Devil in Ohio: How Many Tattoos Does Emily Deschanel Have? Meaning And Design Explained

Emily Deschanel has a lot of tattoos. The Tattoo on her back has been the subject of much speculation over the years. 

Specifically, I will tell you about the supposed devil in Ohio tattoo that she supposedly has.

But first, some background on Emily and her tattoos so you can better understand why people are so obsessed with them and how we got to this point in the first place.

The actress from the hit TV show Bones has more than just one or two inkings, but she certainly does not have them all over her body as some of her fans claim she does. 

With so many designs and different tattoos on her, what’s the meaning behind the Tattoo? And how many do you think she has? Let’s look at some of them and see what they mean.

What Does The Tattoo Mean?

People who want to distance themselves from their irresponsible behavior often say, “The Devil Made Me Do It.” 

It can also imply a rebellious streak or an individual who refuses to conform to societal norms. 

Emily Deschanel Tattos for Devil in Ohia
Emily Deschanel Tattoos for Devil in Ohia

For these reasons, many people with an affinity for poker are drawn to the phrase The Devil Made Me Do It” because of the double meaning.

The design is created by drawing three black lines forming a triangle around the letters I-O-W, which stand for Devil in Ohio.

The line on the top represents heaven, while the line on the bottom represents hell. 

The devil himself is pictured at the top of the design. He has horns and pointed ears and clutches a small pitchfork in his right hand. His left hand is shown touching one of his large, curved wings as if he’s about to take flight.

Who Designed The Tattoo?

Ralph Steadman was a British illustrator, cartoonist, painter, political cartoonist, and writer.

He was the one who designed the Tattoo and brought it to mainstream media. The Tattoo is trendy and has been chiefly used to express oneself to society.

 He is most notably known for his collaborations with the American author Hunter S. Thompson.

 His best-known work is the poster art he created for The Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas campaign film of 1998, which consisted of ten small drawings made on stencils.

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Where Is Her Tattoo Located On Her Body?

Her tattoo is located at the back of her neck, which shows that she has no problem having a tattoo on the visible part of her body.

And she does have other tattoos on her body. Emily Deschanel has over 40 tattoos. Her tattoos have exciting meanings and stories behind them. 

The most well-known one is her eight rib cage pieces, which are family portraits honoring her father. 

She got these when she was 22 years old to remember him after he passed away. And the rest of her tattoos have different meanings, but all are important.

 Some tell a story or mark an event in their lives, while others are more spontaneous. For example, she tattooed Be Kind on herself as a reminder to always be kind and humble no matter her situation.

Other Famous People With Tattoos Of This Nature

Celebrities with a trident on their bodies are not the only ones wearing the symbol. Musicians like Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz, and Joan Jett can also be seen sporting the trident.

They all have tattoos to represent themselves in society. The tattoo might have the same meaning to others, but they have their sense of the tattoos.

 Most famous people have tattoos to express themselves. And Have been doing it to communicate their bodies’ value to the general media.

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