Maria Sobocinska Parents

Who Are Hanna Mikuć And Piotr Sobociński? Maria Sobocinska Parents Siblings And Family

Maria Sobocinska Parents are Hanna Mikuć And Piotr Sobociński. Maria is a Polish actress who has appeared in films such as All for My Mother, Pan T, and the TV series Sexify.

The actress is the daughter of Piotr Sobocinski, a well-known cinematographer, and Hanna Mikuc, an actress.

Maria is a talented singer and artist, and her whole family works in the entertainment sector; in fact, her grandparents were also well-known figures in the industry.

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Who Are Hanna Mikuć And Piotr Sobociński? Maria Sobocinska Parents 

Maria Sobocinska’s parents are Piotr Sobocinski, a well-known cinematographer, and Hanna Mikuc, an actress.

Hanna Mikuc was born and raised in Łódź. She is the daughter of actors Wanda Chwiałkowska and Bohdan Mikuc.

Although she spent a lot of time in the theater as a child, she was not interested in acting. She only decided to become an actress when she was in high school.

After graduating, the actress performed in Warsaw theaters and made her first film appearance – still as a schoolgirl – in the role of a liaison officer in the film Hubal (1973). 

In the 1990s, she focused on family life, giving up her theater career and occasionally appearing in films.

Sobocinski is the widow of cameraman Piotr Sobociński, with whom she has two sons, Piotr and Michal, also cinematographer, and a daughter, Maria, an actress.

Maria Sobocinska Parents
Childhood picture of Maria Sobocinska with her Parents (Source: Wiki Bio)

Piotr Sobociński was a Polish cinematographer. Sobociński was the son of Polish cameraman Witold Sobociński.

Sobociński was born in 1958 in Łódź, Poland. As a young man, he felt himself following in his father’s footsteps.

He studied at the National Film School in Łódź and received his degree in 1987.

In 1994, Hanna Mikuc’s husband was nominated for an Oscar for Best Cinematography for Three Colors: Red. 

Sobociński won a Golden Frog for The Seventh Chamber, and in 1997, he received a Golden Frog nomination for Marvin’s Room.

He suffered a massive heart attack while filming Trapped (aka 24 Hours) in 2001.

He died in his sleep in Vancouver, British Columbia, and was buried at Powązki Military Cemetery in Warsaw, Poland.

Maria Sobocinska Siblings And Family

Maria Sobocinska has two brothers named Michal Sobocinski and Piotr Sobocinski Jr., both of whom are renowned cinematographers.

Michał Sobociński is a Polish cinematographer. He was born on August 10, 1987, in Łódź.

Michał is a graduate of the Department of Cinematography and Television Production at the PWSFTviT in Łódź and is the winner of the Award for cinematography at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

Maria Sobocinska Parents
Maria Sobocinska with her brothers (Source: Wiki Bio)

Born on November 3, 1983, Piotr Sobociński Jr. is also a Polish cinematographer.

Between 1999–2003, Piotr studied at the 21st Social High School of Jerzy Grotowski in Warsaw. In 2008, he graduated from the Department of Cinematography at PWSFTviT in Łódź.

Sobociński Jr. is a Three-time winner of the Eagle Polish Film Award in the Best Camera category (2015, 2017, 2018) and winner of the 2016 Gdynia Film Festival in the Best Camera category.

Speaking of Maria’s relationship status, she seems like a private lady. The actress has not revealed any information about her personal life.

She is not currently involved in any public romantic engagements, although she may be dating someone in private.

Maria Sobocinska Net Worth And Earnings

According to Popular bio, Maria Sobocinska’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million. She is best known for her roles in Polish films.  

The 30 years old comes from a family of prominent actors and actresses in the film and television industry.

Maria Sobocinska Parents
Maria Sobocinska, Polish actress from the Netflix series “Sexify” (Source: swiatseriali)

Maria’s wealth mainly comes from her acting career. 

Maria made her film debut in the film Wolyn as Helena Gowacka-Huk. Later, she was seen in the film Hatred in 2016.

In 2019, the brunette film star got her biggest breakthrough in her career when she landed several roles in a row.

Maria joined the cast of Sexify, a Netflix original series that premiered internationally on April 29, 2021, starring Aleksandra Skraba and Sandra Drzymalska.

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