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Does Sam Darnold Have Brother? More On His Sister Franki Darnold Family And Net Worth

Sam Darnold is a well-known football player who plays for the New York Jets of the NFL. But do you know his sister Frankie Darnold? Let’s have a look at the siblings.

As we know the talent and achievement of Sam Darnold, it would be unfair to give his accomplishment. He has more than 110 quarterback ratings in his early twenties, to be precise, at twenty-one. Sam made the record in the history of the NFL. 

Let’s start with his entry into NFL. He came in the 2018 NFL draft as a quarterback playing for New York Jets and had received awards before he came into NFL. 

Does Sam Darnold Have Brother? Sister Franki Darnold

Sam Darnold does not have his brother. He is the only son of his parents, and he has an older sister.

Sam Donald’s sister associated herself with head coach Steve Sanstonastaso’s Staff in August 2017. Her work is related to the team’s outside hitters.

As her brother, she has also achieved third while she played for the Rams as her Rhode Island leader. Her rally scoring was 1,356 from 2012-2015. That is more than one thousand, putting her in the spotlight of volleyball fans and followers.

Along with that, she worked in other domains. Before coming to the Rams, she wrote for the San Clemente Times and supplied game-day communications staff for the NFL’S LOS Angeles Rams.

In addition, she enjoyed her participation for three years with T-Street Volleyball Club, two years with Saddleback Valley Volleyball Club, and one year with Laguna Beach Volleyball Club. To sum up, she plays and writes about the game wherever she needs to. 

Franki Darnold has a degree in Writing and Rhetoric from Rhode Island. She completed her bachelors in 2016. She studied to become an author or journalist. 

In her leisure time, she enjoys beach volleyball, has an average height of six feet, and reads various books.

Sam Darnold Family

Sam’s father and mother are Michael and Chris. Michael was also involved in the game. He worked as an offensive lineman at the University of Redlands in California.

He came to the family on June 5, 1997, in the beautiful Dana Point, California setting, and grew up in San Clemente, California. 

When he was five, he started playing basketball and showed interest in games from early childhood.

Chris is serving as a physical education teacher at Shorecliffs Middle School. She played volleyball at Long Beach City College.

And we talked about his sister, who is a Volleyball player.

Also, Sam’s grandfather, Dick Hammer, was an athlete who used to play basketball at USC. Dick eventually lost his contract when the managers put warning labels on cigarette packets. Dick departed when Sam was just two years old.

Besides the game, his grandfather has played in the series”Emergency!” as Captain Hammer.

Therefore, he grew up in the middle of athletes. All his relatives are involved in some game. 

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Sam Darnold Is In A Relationship With Claire Kirksey

Sam is unmarried and is in relation with Claire Kirksey.

They studied at the University of Southern California. And they started dating in September 2017.

Who Is Sam Darnold's Girlfriend? All on His Family & Net Worth
Sam Darnold with his girlfriend.

Claire is a Huntington Beach, California, resident and loves to play softball. She supports Sam and fans saw her cheering at USC. They also enjoy their romantic visit concert. Sam and Clarie went to the 2018 concert in Los Angeles.

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Recently, they have been out of public faces.

Youngest Quarterback Player: Sam Darnold Net Worth

As he entered early in NFL, he collected a net worth of $2 million in 2022.

 New York Jets provide him annual earnings of $7,561,929 and a $20,078,338 signing bonus. 

We have mentioned that being the youngest quarterback sensation trend in the NFL. That means he entered in NFL early.

He posts his other healthy and pleasant activities throughout his social media profile. Sometimes hang out with friends, going for hiking, and go on tours.

Currently, he is living a disciplined and healthy life. 

Sure, his disciplined and hardworking nature will help raise his net worth. 

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