Dylan Tunnell: Wife, Retirement & Net Worth

Born on 1983 Monday, April 11th, Dylan Tunnell is Atlanta’s one of the most accomplished ultimate Frisbee players. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

A member of the Team USA Junior Worlds in 2000 and USA gold medal-winning World Games team in 2009 and 2013, Tunnell is undoubtedly an exception in the field of Frisbee.

He is a paramedic city firefighter turned ultimate Frisbee star, UPA High School Champion (2000 and 2001), and USA Ultimate Club Open Champion (2009).

Dylan Tunnell was also a Callahan Award candidate for the University of Georgia for 2006 and 2007.

In addition, for the past five years, Dylan has been the co-coach of the Grady boys.

There is a lot of respect for this sport in his heart as he believes all the players play this sport with sportsmanship and honesty instead of cheating.

He started playing ultimate Frisbee in his freshman year in high school in 1999, about 13 years.

The name of his College Team was the University of Georgia Jojah, and his Club Team was Atlanta Chain Lightning.

Dylan Tunnell practicing for a match
Dylan Tunnell practicing for a match

One of his Favorite Tournaments was the tie between the USA Ultimate Club Championships and Poultry Days.

Before retiring, he almost played 2.5 seasons with the Hustle, and hence, he was named the AUDL Most Valuable Player in the 2016 season by Atlanta Hustle.

Dylan Tunnell is interested and passionate about Nerdy games, apart from ultimate Frisbee, family, and work. To be more précised, he loves Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.

Dylan believes in working hard. We all know that all dreams can come true with hard work and dedication, and Dylan is the perfect example of this.

Moreover, he is very responsible and performs all his duty sincerely.

Quick Facts

Before getting into details about the proficient player Dylan’s life and career, here are some quick facts about him:

Full Name Dylan Tunnell
Date of Birth April 11th, 1983
Birth Place Atlanta, GA
Religion Christian
Nationality Not Available
Ethnicity White
Education Paideia School, University of Georgia Jajah
Hobbies Fatherhood, Reading Books
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Leila
Age 41 years old
Height 6 ft 2 in (187cm)
Weight 80 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic
Profession City Firefighter and Ultimate Player
Associated Teams Atlanta Hustle, Atlanta Chain Lightning
Awards UPA High School Champion (2000 and 2001), USA Ultimate Club Open Champion (2009), Most Valuable Player (2016)
Marital Status Married
Wife Amanda Strout
Kids Two Daughters
Net Worth Not Available
Social Media Not Available
Merch Frisbee
Last Updated May, 2024

Dylan Tunnell: Early Life, Family, and Education

Dylan Tunnell was born and brought up in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a kid who was always sincere and good at academics.

Tunnell has a sister Leila, and they have also coached a U-19 girls YCC team from the Pioneer Valley area.

His sister is also very good at coaching and playing ultimate. Leila’s position is the Handler, and she has achieved a lot in the ultimate field.

Dylan's Sister Leila during a frisbee match
                          Dylan’s Sister Leila during a frisbee match(Source: GoingDeep)

Both of the siblings are close with one another and share a wonderful bond. They support one another at each other’s weak moments, which makes their bond even more strong.

School and College

In his early life, Tunnell studied at the Druid Hills independent school and graduated in 2002.

Later, he studied in the Paideia High School, which is very famous for the ultimate Frisbee sport.

Moreover, ultimate Frisbee sport is considered a prestigious sport there. It inspired him to play ultimate and channel his skills.

 In addition, he later completed his higher education at the University of Georgia Jajah.

Age, Height, and Weight

Dylan Tunnell was born on April 11th, 1983; hence he is 41 years old.

He believes that Frisbee requires ultra-fit stamina, and laid-back people shouldn’t play this sport.

He does various workouts per week to stay fit and eats healthy.

As a result, Dylan is reasonably fit and has a toned physique. He is 6 ft 2 in (187cm) tall and weighs around 80 kg.

In addition, the frisbee player has a well-toned body.

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Dylan Tunnell has been playing ultimate Frisbee since his freshman year in high school in 1999.

However, he started his official Ultimate Frisbee career in July 2009, at 29 years old.

He was one of the thirteen Americans representing his country in Ultimate at the World Games, where he won gold.

Team Atlanta Hustle started competing in the AUDL for the first time in 2015, where they signed Tunnell to their inaugural roster.

Tunnell was already a member of the USA gold medal-winning team in 2009 and 2013.

Tunnell was the captain for the Atlanta team, and they got victory over Raleigh in 2016.

Moreover, he earned league MVP honors after his 66-assist, 18-goal, 472-completion season against Dallas Roughnecks in 2016.

Dylan Tunnell MVP Ceremony
Dylan Tunnell after a match (Source: Twitter)

Later, he moved to Massachusetts through the 2017 season midway, and he ended his ultimate professional career at the age of 33.

The frisbee player dished exactly 150 assists, including the playoffs, in just 31 games, proving him to be the master at this sport.

After he moved to Massachusetts, his involvement in ultimate gradually decreased.

Moreover, he and his sister Leila helped a Western MA mixed team named Happy Valley.

Tunnell then coached a U-19 girls YCC team with his sister Leila from the Pioneer Valley area.

City Firefighter

The primary profession of Dylan Tunnell is paramedic city firefighter, and this is his full-time job.

He works at Station 9 on the city’s west side. Tunnell works around twenty-four-hour shifts every three days.

Highlights and Achievements

  • Team USA at Junior Worlds (2000)
  • UPA High School Champion (2000 and 2001)
  • Team USA at World Games (Gold Medal, 2009)
  • USA Ultimate Club Open Champion (2009)
  • AUDL Most Valuable Player (2016)

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Dylan Tunnell: Wife And Kids

Dylan Tunnell is married to Amanda Strout, who was also the Grady girl’s ultimate coach. Amanda also does online tutoring.

Amanda and Tunnell both have a fantastic relationship, and the love they share for one another is beyond beautiful.

Moreover, she always supported him through thick and thin, high and lows, which is the best part of their relationship.

He has two daughters, one is seven years old, and another is five. He is a family-oriented person who loves his family.

The frisbee player has been working hard for his family, and his favorite hobby is fatherhood.

He also plays ultimate with his seven-year-old and considers it to be entertaining.

Dylan with his daughter
     Dylan with his daughter (Source: Pinterest)

He also suggests people read a Book named Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn.

Moreover, the player considers that book was life-changing and eye-opening for him as he learned a lot about parenting.

If you’re already a parent, he also suggests reading How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen and Listen So Your Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

He believes having a happy family helps you to achieve many great things in life.

Dylan Tunnell: Net Worth, Salary, And Career Earnings

While he played for AUDL (American Ultimate Disc League), he generally earned $350 – $700 per season. In addition, his annual salary was around $57,428.

Because Ultimate Frisbee is not a mainstream sport, it is costly as it has only two professional leagues.

The salary that an individual gets is not enough or sufficient to make a lavish, comfortable life.

Also, Dylan, including other ultimate players, needs to pay their expenses to play tournaments, and they have to buy uniforms.

The total Net worth of Dylan Tunnell is not revealed yet. However, Dylan earns well as a firefighter.

Moreover, he has been working as a firefighter for many years now.

Social Media Presence

Tunnell being a very private person, is not active on social media. Also, there are very few personal interviews that he has given.

However, his sister is active on various social media.

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Dylan Tunnell: FAQs

In which year did Dylan Tunnell win the MVP award?

Dylan Tunnell was named the AUDL Most Valuable Player in the 2016 season by Atlanta Hustle.

The MVP award is very prestigious, and Tunnell was able to win it because of his consistent practice and hard work.

What was the profession of Dylan Tunnell?

Dylan is a paramedic city firefighter by profession and a former ultimate Frisbee player.

In which position Dylan Tunnell played?

Dylan Tunnell’s position is Handler. Moreover, he is very striking at it.

How did Dylan Tunnell meet his wife?

Tunnell met his wife Amanda Strout at the ultimate Frisbee field.

She was the Grady girl’s ultimate coach there, while Tunnell was the boy’s coach.

So they met at a coaching session and fell in love. Later, they got married.

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