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ESPN: Is Kirk Herbstreit Sick? Salary Net Worth And Career Earning

Kirk Herbstreit sick news has taken over the media. While many thought it was a rumor, the information was true. 

Herbstreit is an eminent sports analyst based in the United States. He has recently served on ESPN in the “College GameDay.” The show usually pre-broadcasts the college football during the college football season on Saturdays.

In addition to being an analyst, Kirk is also a former football player. He served Ohio State University as a quarterback during his senior year of college. In 1992 he became the caption of the college football team.

The analyst also enjoys playing baseball and basketball.

Now, let’s see what happened to the successful ESPN commentator. All about his sickness, career, and net worth here.

Is Kirk Herbstreit Sick? What Happened?

Yes, Kirk Herbstreit is sick. According to a news portal, the commentator suffers from a blood clot.

The news was made public by Kirk himself via a tweet on August 22nd, 2022.

He reported to the media that he wouldn’t be able to cover the 2022 ESPN/ABC NFL Draft in Las Vegas as he recently found out about the blood clot. He added that he loves the event and hopes to be a part of it next year.

Apart from this, he didn’t reveal much about his illness.

His Salary and Net Worth: Career Earning Explored

As per the Celebrity Net Worth, the sports analyst’s salary is $4 million.

Likewise, he has a massive net worth of $12 million.

Though Mr. Herbstreit initially started his career as a quarterback, he soon realized he loved commenting on it more. Hence, he began his career as an analyst in the mid-1990s. 

Kirk Herbstreit
Kirk Herbstreit (Source: Twitter)

He has served in the sports television world for three decades and won Emmy Awards 5 times.

Not only that, but due to the man’s interest in writing, he has also served as a columnist.

Additionally, Kirk began writing a memoir named “Out of the Pocket” in March 2021, which was described as a “powerfully personal, plain-spoken tale about dads and sons, fortitude, and football.”

Hence, due to his extraordinary talent and dedication to work, he has achieved success in every area he sets foot. 

As of now, he serves the commentator for ESPN’S College GameDay and NFL Nights on Prime Video.

How Old is the ESPN Analyst: His Age

As of 2022, Kirk Herbstreit is 53 years old.

Jim Herbstreit, the father, and Judy Herbstreit, the mother, were his parents; he was born in Ohio in 1969. He was born on August 19th.

Moreover, Kirk’s father was also a footballer. And interestingly, in 1992, they became the first father-son duo to be the Ohio State football captain.

Also, Kirk is not the only child of his parents, and he has a younger sister named Terri Holmes.

His Wife and Children

The ESPN analyst is happily married to his wife, Alison Butker.

According to his Wikipedia bio, the pair is college love birds. They met at Ohio State University, where Kirk played football and Alison was a cheerleader.

So they fell in love, dated for a while, and exchanged their wedding vows in 1998. Furthermore, the pair is blessed with four children, Tye Herbstreit, Chase Herbstreit, Zak Herbstreit, and Jake Herbstreit, and all of them are sons.

The family initially lived in Ohio, but they moved to Nashville. However, as their son Chase plays football in Cincinnati, the family now lives here and there.

Also, not to forget, all the Herbstreit boys are athletes, influenced by their father and grandfather.

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Meet Kirk Herbstreit On Twitter

The analyst is available on Twitter as @KirkHerbstreit.

He joined the platform in 2012 and is now a verified user. Moreover, he has 1.6 million people following his tweets.

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