Eugen Schmidt

Eugen Schmidt: Shooting, Tug of War & Net Worth

Eugen Schmidt was a Danish track and field athlete who is considered a legend in the sport.

And he is also a shooter who has made and broken records. He was also an Olympian in the tug of war competition.

Similarly, the athlete is considered one of the foremost sport’s pioneers of Denmark.

Eugen Schmidt
The Tug of War competition of 1900 in which Eugen Schmidt competed.

His contributions towards sports and sportsperson and their development have made everyone proud.

The athlete not only played the sports but also co-founded several sports clubs in different cities of Denmark.

Quick Facts:

 Here are some quick facts about Danish shooter and athlete Eugen Schmidt:

Full name Eugen Stahl Schmidt
Also known as Eugen Schmidt
Date of birth February 17, 1862
Place of birth Copenhagen, Denmark
Date of death October 7, 1931
Place of death Aalborg, Denmark
Nationality Danish
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Horoscope Aquarius
Lucky color Blue
Lucky number 3
Birthstone Amethyst
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Body type Athletic
Skin color Fair
Hair color Black
Eye color Hazel Brown
Age 69 years old (at the time of death)
Education Unknown
Father’s name Not revealed
Mother’s name Not revealed
Siblings Not revealed
Marital status Unknown
Spouse/Partner Unknown
Children Unknown
Profession Athlete, Shooter
Debut 1885
Years active 1885-1912
Awards and medals Gold medal in Olympics
Sports Tug of War, Shooting, Running race
Country Denmark
Involved Organizations Polyteknisk Roklub, Kobenhavns Rokclub, Danish Rowing Federation
Personal stats Unknown
Hobbies Football, Fencing, Swimming, Ince Skating
Merch Sportsbooks and Sports magazines
Net Worth $200,000
Social Media None
Merch Tug of War
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Eugen Schmidt: Early life

Eugen Schmidt was born on February 17, 1862, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He was a very sharp and active person from an early age. Also, it was a reason why he was such a sharpshooter.

Later, the athlete moved from Copenhagen to Aalborg to promote the sports club.

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Eugen Schmidt: Height, Weight, and Ethnicity

The athlete had a tall and very fit athletic body. However, his exact height and weight measurements aren’t known.

Additionally, he had hazel brown eyes and black eyes. He also had a mustache which gave him a very manly appearance.

Also, Eugen was Danish by his nationality and belonged to the white ethnicity. He was a Christina by religion and followed all its principles.

Eugen Schmidt: Educational Background

The athlete did his primary schooling in the public schools in Copenhagen.

However, the educational degrees and qualifications of the shooter haven’t been mentioned yet.

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Eugen Schmidt: Family

Like most celebrities and athletes, the Danish shooter liked to keep his family away from the run of fame.

Hence, the information about his family and their whereabouts is still unknown.

Eugen Schmidt: Career

Although Eugen is known to the world as a sportsperson and founder of the sports clubs, his career however didn’t begin that way.

He worked a regular job and was employed as an engineer at beer breweries.

Likewise, he was a brewer for Carlsberg from 1885 to 1899.

In fact, the athlete continued his regular jobs despite being interested in the sports world.

The shooter also worked for a chemical company in Aalborg. Eugen is considered one of Denmark’s foremost sports pioneers.

He has confounded sports clubs in many Danish cities. Also, these clubs were founded for the sports like rowing, golf, tennis, and gymnastics.

The shooter also founded the Polyteknisk Roklun in 1887.

Afterward, he became chairman of the Kobenhavn Rokclub. Actually, it was a rowing club in Copenhagen.

Similarly, in the same year, Eugen entered the board of the Danish Rowing Federation.

Later in 1894, the athlete served as president of the federation. He served as the president from 1984 to 1896.

Furthermore, again in 1896, he served the Danish Sports Federation, the DIF.

Along with two brief interruptions, Eugen sat on the DIF board until the last day of his life.

Sports Career

Eugen Schmidt is an all-around sportsman. He has competed in several sports in national as well as international competition.

The athlete has competed twice in the Olympics. Initially, he participated in the 1896 Summer Olympics. 

It was held in Athens, Greece. He was one of the three Danish competitors at the first modern Olympics in Athens.

He competed in both the 100-meter sprint and the military rifle shooting. However, he couldn’t receive any notable feats.

He finished fourth in the 100 meters event. Then he didn’t advance to the final.

Eugen Schmidt 100m race
The pictorial representation of 100m sprint race of 1896’s 100m race.

Again, the athlete also competed in the military rifle event. He finished the tied match in twelfth place with 845 points.

Eugen hit the target 12 times out of his 40 shots.

Later, he again participated in the Summer Olympics of 1900 after four years. This event was held in Paris, France.

However, this time, he was competing for the mixed team in the tug of war competition.

The athlete was teamed with two other Danish and three Swedish athletes.

The American team withdrew from the competition. Hence Eugen’s team was placed against the French team in the finals.

The mixed team of the athlete won the first two pulls and hence were awarded the gold medal.

Similarly, he was back to the Olympics in 1912. But, this time, he wasn’t competing in the games. 

Instead, Eugen got back to the Olympic Scene as the director for the Danish rowing team at the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden.

Besides, the athlete was also involved in football, fencing, swimming, and ice skating.

Eugen Schmidt: Social Media

Since social media wasn’t a thing in the early nineteenth century, Eugen doesn’t have any social media profile.

Also, the athletes weren’t valued as much as celebrities in that era. Hence, any information about such athletes is not known.

Eugen Schmidt: Net Worth

The estimated net worth of the Danish shooter Eugen Schmidt was about $200,000.

The amount can be accredited to the several sports that Eugen played.

Also, the shooter was the founder of several organizations, which also added value to his total worth.

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Interesting facts about Eugen Schmidt

  • Eugen also wrote for a sports magazine. He had also published a few sportsbooks.
  • While serving as Chairman of DIF, the shooter held down a full-time job.
Olympics of 1900
The symbol of the Summer Olympics of 1900 was held in Paris, France.
  • Eugen Schmidt’s team was the first-ever gold medal winner of Tug of War completion. The Olympics team incorporated this competition in the Summer Olympics of 1900 for the first time.
  • The shooter is the second most popular Danish athlete. 


Is Eugen Schmidt still alive?

No, the pioneer of sports of Denmark, Eugen Schmidt, died on October 7, 1931, at 69 years. He died in Aalborg, Denmark.

Did Eugen Schmidt win at any Olympics game?

Yes, Eugen Schmidt won a gold medal in the tug of war competition of 1900 with his mixed team.

Is Tug of War completion still included in the Olympics?

Tug of War completion is not included in the Olympics anymore. The sport was removed from the Olympics in 1920, along with some other sports.

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