Evaluna Montaner Hijos

Meet Camilo And Evaluna Montaner Hijos Índigo Echeverry Reglero, Family And Net Worth

Camilo And Evaluna Montaner’s Hijos Índigo Echeverry Reglero’s cuteness has won the hearts of their fans.

Evaluna is a singer from Venezuela whose “Yo Me Salve” music video has amassed over 1 million views on YouTube. She started playing a lead role in the 2019 season of Club 57 on Nickelodeon. 

She appears alongside Sofia Vergara in the 2015 film Hot Pursuit. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and when she was four, she moved to Miami, Florida.

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Camilo And Evaluna Montaner Hijos: Who Is Índigo Echeverry Reglero?

Índigo Echeverry Reglero is the hijos of Camilo And Evaluna Montaner.

The singer’s first son was born on April 9, and a few days later, they revealed the details about it.

Singer Evaluna Montaner gave birth to a boy on April 6, who she and her husband Camilo Echeverry have revealed is named Indigo after waiting several months and having a rather busy last week of pregnancy. 

Evaluna Montaner Hijos
A picture of Evaluna Montaner while she was pregnant (Source: latimes.com)

The family of Echeverry Montaner only gradually became aware of the difficulty of childbirth, which the Venezuelan wanted to have quite traditionally, through several photographs and videos.

Some information about the occasion, which was witnessed by a midwife and Evaluna’s mother, Marlene Rodriguez, who trained in the area for several months to be ready and assist her daughter, was revealed by the People en Espaol magazine.

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Additionally, the “Millones” performer revealed exclusively to this medium that, even though he and his wife Evaluna will take a break for the birth of their child. 

This forced them to postpone their performances in several cities. They will not hesitate to visit the missing locations “with Indigo in their arms,” which will be the ideal opportunity for their fans to meet the baby in person.

Evaluna Montaner Family Details

Evaluna Montaner was born to her parents Marlene Rodríguez Miranda and Ricardo Montaner.

Venezuela’s Caracas is where Evaluna was born. Later, with her family, she made her home in Miami, Florida. She started learning piano, harp, and dance styles when she was young. 

Evaluna Montaner Hijos
Evaluna Montaner family picture (Source: infobae.com)

Until the age of 13, she attended The Cushman School in Miami. After that, she started her academic career at home. She has lived in the United States, Italy, Colombia, Venezuela, and Colombia.

Her Father, Ricardo Montaner, a Venezuelan singer and songwriter of Argentinean descent, is Héctor Eduardo Reglero Montaner. He has released over 24 albums since his career in the late 1970s, along with several hit singles.

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She also has two other brothers, Héctor and Alejandro, and the renowned Latin pop singers Mau y Ricky. 

She proposed to Camilo in 2018, and they wed in February of the following year. She is currently expecting her first child with Camilo. In April 2022, their daughter was born.

Evaluna Montaner Net Worth In 2024

Evaluna Montaner’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $10 Million.

Evaluna made her debut as a supporting character in Nickelodeon’s Latin American series Grachi as the protagonist’s niece, Melanie Esquivel. Her Father, Ricardo Montaner, decided to start her singing career in 2012 with the Christian ballad La Gloria de Dios.

Si existe (If it exists), her debut song, was made public in December 2013. She hosted the Colombian segment of La Voz’s Da a Da show. She appeared in the 2014 movie Hot Pursuit in a supporting role.

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She appeared in the Nickelodeon and Rainbow S.r.l. Co-production Club 57 was filmed in Miami and Italy in May 2019. Eva, one of her characters, is a mathematician and science enthusiast who gets stuck in 1957 with her brother Rubén. She sang songs in Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish throughout the series.

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