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Who Is Hovik Keuchkerian Pareja (Partner)? Hijos And Net Worth

Spanish-Armenian actor Hovik Keuchkerian Pareja is a trending topic on the internet. The actor rose to prominence after his role as ‘Bogota’ in the popular drama La Casa de Papel.

Among the multiple actors in the Spanish movie industry, Hovik has built an exceptional reputation for himself. With his exciting choice of roles and dedicated acting abilities, he is a star in his country and also across the globe. 

The 49-year-old actor didn’t start his acting career until later in his life. Hovik made his professional acting debut in 2010 and has consistently delivered on the big stages. 

He has expanded his career with an exciting role in one of the most famous Spanish dramas. The upcoming years might well be the best years of Hovik’s career. 

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Who Is Hovik Keuchkerian Pareja (Partner)?

The media outlets have constantly inquired about the details of Hovik Keuchkerian Pareja ever since the rumors about his relationship began to spread. However, the actor is reluctant to let the details of his life slip to the public. 

Because of Hovik’s insistence on privacy, little is known about his partner. Even on his social media outlets, Hovik does not post pictures with his partner, which makes the authenticity of the rumors very slim.

Hovik Keuchkerian Pareja
Hovik Keuchkerian poses for a photo as Bogota.
(Source: Market Research Telecast)

But the rumors are too abundant not to be true. As we cannot report any details about his partner now, we promise to bring forth any information which may arrive in the future. 

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Hovik Keuchkerian Hijos: Learn More About Keuchkerian Family

The former boxer successfully managed to withhold information about his family from the media. Despite the constant attention by many reporters on Hovik and his personal life, none of them have managed to attain any information about Hovik Keuchkerian Hijos. 

Since he is rumored to be married, there is a chance that he has already been a Father. The information about his family and personal life remains hidden for us to explore. 

As his acting career has been fruitful in the past few years, he and his family can afford to live a comfortable lifestyle. With such a promising career up ahead, the actor can afford to take extended breaks to be with his family. 

The actor was initially born in the Capital of Lebanon. But aged 3, he and his family moved to Spain for a more comfortable lifestyle. 

Follow The Career Of Hovik Keuchkerian

After moving to a foreign country at a relatively younger age, Hovik had a difficult childhood. As he grew older, he molded into a new lifestyle and started chasing a career for himself. 

Boxer Hovik
Hovik ahead of his boxing match
(Source: hortaleza)

Initially, his interests were focused on boxing. Very early into his boxing career, he gained a worldwide reputation. In his successful career, he has managed to win two national heavyweight championships. 

Soon, his career choices changed as he developed a new interest in acting. As in his boxing career, he also started his acting career brilliantly. But it wasn’t until he joined the popular drama series “La Casa de Papel” that he built his worldwide reputation.  

How Much Is Hovik Worth?

Since he is one of the biggest stars in his country, it is no wonder that Hovik carries a huge net worth. According to celebs, he has an impressive net worth of around $300k. 

Apart from his acting career, he is also known for his successful and short boxing career. He has two national heavyweight championships to his name. 

With his new reputation, fans are waiting to see his upcoming works. 

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