Finn Wolfhard Parents

Who Are Eric Wolfhard And Mary Jolivet? Finn Wolfhard Parents, Family And Net Worth

Finn Wolfhard parents are Eric Wolfhard and Mary Jolivet. Their love for music and movies influenced the young Actor’s life and career.

Finn Wolfhard is an emerging Actor and musician of Canadian nationality. The teen Actor garnered wide recognition after portraying the character Mike Wheeler in the critically acclaimed Netflix series Stranger Things.

He is also known for working in the movies like It, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio. He Finn – began his career in the early 2010s-  already has 43 actings and a handful of writing and directing credits.

Besides his acting career, the young performer was the lead vocalist and guitarist for the indie rock band called Calpurnia. He is currently a member of The Aubreys.

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Finn Wolfhard’s parent often gets attention from his fans, as they have been the wind beneath his wings. So, in today’s article, let’s get to know the talented performer’s mom and dad.

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Finn Wolfhard’d Parents, Eric Wolfhard And Mary Jolivet

Born on 23 December 2002, Finn Wolfhard was welcomed by his parents, Eric Wolfhard and Mary Jolivet. Both have been the biggest supporters of the Ghostbusters: Afterlife Actor’s career.

Finn’s love for music and acting has been blended, which was encouraged from a young age by his parents. The Wolfhard family’s car journeys were always filled with classical music.

Finn and his older brother inherited the love of movies from their former screenwriter dad. The young star has often talked about his mom and dad’s encouragement and support of his acting and singing career.

Finn Wolfhard Parents
Finn Wolfhard with his parents and sibling. (Image Source: Twitter)

Finn Wolfhard’s mother keeps a low profile. Regardless, the performer’s fans have gotten a glimpse of Finn’s mother. Mary Jolivet is a former designer at the children’s clothing Company Dormouse.

Similarly, Finn Wolfhard’s Father holds a law degree from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. In addition, Eric has got a producing credit for a short movie, Night Shifts.

Besides, Eric Wolfhard is also well-known for his research on aboriginal land issues.

Finn Wolfhard’s Elder Brother Is An Accomplished Voice Actor

Finn Wolfhard is not the only kid of his parents; he has got an elder brother, Nick Wolfhard. Nick is a passionate and successful voice Actor.

After voicing Jack in the star-studded animated Netflix series The Last Kids on Earth, he gained recognition.

Famous personalities like Catherine O’Hara, Bruce Campbell, Rosario Dawson, Mark Hamill, and Keith David were part of the movie.

Furthermore, the eldest Wolfhard is also known for lending his voice in the movies such as The Encounter, The InBetween, New Gen, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and many others.

Finn Wolfhard Parents
Finn Wolfhard with his elder brother, Nick Wolfhard. (Image Source: Seventeen Magazine)

When he was young, Finn’s older brother wanted to be a cartoon character. His parents gently taught him that his dream was unlikely to become a reality.

Later the talented voice Actor started pursuing his dream through voice acting.

Finn Wolfhard’s Net Worth

It has been a decade since the musician-actor ventured into the entertainment industry. But Wolfhard is already an accomplished Actor, musician, and director.

Celebrity Net Worth reported that Finn Wolfhard’s net worth is $4 million, mainly consisting of his income as an Actor, singer, and director.

When he starred in Stranger Things, he was still a child performer. His salary used to be $10,000 per episode. Pay for the second season increased to $30 k per episode.

From the third season onward, each child Actor was set to earn $2 million per season. Finn’s parents and siblings must be proud of his achievement.

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