Who is George Kittle wife?

George Kittle Wife, Claire Till: Wedding & 49ers

If there is one football couple that never fails to give us a couple of goals, it must be George Kittle and his wife, Claire Till. As of now, the couple has been together for ten years.

Even after all the years together, their partnership has stayed solid!

The couple is known for being incredibly active on social media. They certainly do a great job of showing their love for each other.

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle married his college sweetheart Claire in 2017, soon after he got drafted. Since then, the couple has been loved wholeheartedly by NFL fans all over. 

However, many fans still have no idea who the smoking hot lady love of George is.

George Kittle Wife
George Kittle Wife, Claire Kittle

Although she is famous for being a WAG, she has an incredible personality that will prove that she is much more than being just a WAG.

If you also have been wanting to learn more about this beauty who stole the heart of George, you are in the right place! This article will explore the life of Claire Till Kittle and her relationship with her husband. 

But before we begin, please enjoy these quick facts about her:

Claire Till: Quick Facts

Full Name Claire Colette Till
Common name Claire Till (Kittle)
Nick Name Lettey
Birthdate May 24, 1994
Age 29 years old
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Mother’s Name Shelley Bardon Till
Father’s Name Marty Till
Siblings One younger brother, Riley Till
Birthplace Dubuque, Iowa
Home Town Dubuque, Iowa
Citizenship America
Residence Nashville, Tennessee
School Wahlert High School
College Iowa University
Education Bachelors in human physiology
Height 6 feet 
Weight N/A
Eye Colour Light Blue
Hair Colour Brown
Shoe Size N/A
Martial Status Married
Partner George Kittle
Married  April 2019
Children None
Sport Ex basketball player, High Jump
Profession Entrepreneur, Fitness Model
Famous for George Kittle’s Wife
Team hawkeyes women’s basketball
Hobbies Travel, Fitness, Blogging
Net Worth $1 million 
Affiliated Brands JE Models
Social Media Instagram
Website Lettey Set Go
Merch NFL George Kittle Merch
Last Update April, 2024

Claire Till: Early Life & Family

Claire Colette Till is a native of Dubuque, Iowa. She was born on 1994 May 24 to parents Marty Till and Shelley Till (nee Bardon). She also has a younger brother, Riley.

One interesting fact about her is that her mother used to be an athlete herself. She played basketball at Drake University, where she was teammates with Jan Jensen and Jenni Fitzgerald

Claire Till as a kid
Claire Till as a kid

Her mother might be why kid Claire took up sports in her school. Multitalented claire played basketball, volleyball, and high jump in school.

She was McDonald’s All-American Nominee, two-time all-state selection, and three-time IBCA select team member. Besides that, she has many other accolades under her name. 

She is the third all-time leading scorer in her high school with 1,011 career points in total.

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Claire Till: Collegiate Career

After graduating from Wahlert High school, Till enrolled at Iowa University, where George Kittle was registered. Till was studying bachelor in health and human physiology with a major in exercise science.

While George played football, Till was playing on the hawkeyes women’s basketball team. 

The 6 feet tall lady started strong on the Hawkeyes basketball team. She scored 27 points and grabbed 26 rebounds on her freshman year. 

Claire Till played Basketball of Iowa university
Claire Till played Basketball at Iowa university.

But her career was full of injuries that threatened her safety. After playing 95 games total, she had to end her career because of a chronic knee injury. 

Claire Till: Professional Career

Professionally, Claire is a fitness model and an entrepreneur. Besides her bachelor’s in health and human physiology, she earned an entrepreneurial management certification which helped her launch her business. 

It is difficult not to notice Claire’s passion for fitness.

While in university, she worked as a student ambassador for health and wellness with Fuel up to play 60. This program is directed towards kids and schools to reach fitness goals.

After graduating, she signed with the JE models and worked under them.

She runs Claire Till Fitness, LLC, based in Iowa City. The business aims to sell fitness routines to clients.

However, the business has not been active lately as she has moved from Iowa to California to be with her husband.

Since George got drafted, they have been spending a lot of time moving from city to city and living their best life.

Claire Till: Relationships

The love story between Claire and George is no secret to anyone. However, there is not many details about her past relationship.

Meeting George

Both of them lived in a dorm for athletes, shared classes, and were in the same friend circles. However, they did not know each other particularly till later.

Kittle has shared that he was captivated by Claire when he saw her in a moped and a bright pink helmet. They got introduced by mutual friends. 

Though George was already charmed by the lady, claire did not initially show much romantic interest in him.

It took George eight months to get out of the friendzone and call Claire his ‘girlfriend.’ the romance that blossomed during freshman year lasted throughout college.

They stayed together through thick and thin, making their relationship even more robust. To this day, they call each other their ‘best friend.’

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The Grand Proposal

The fans now know all about the big proposal George pulled off for claire. But many don’t know that George had given her a pre-engagement ring back in 2017, three days after he got drafted.

Claire initially panicked because she thought he was proposing, but he calmed her down and told her it was just a pre-engagement thing. 

After years of dating, George wanted to do something grand for the big proposal day. So for that, he planned a surprise like no other!
The footballer convinced his girlfriend to join him for a fake team photoshoot, which claire believed was for 49ers players and their wives and girlfriends. However, he told her that it was for the team’s marketing purposes. 
On the other hand, he talked to the team’s photographers and video editors about his secret plan. But, of course, as soon as they heard the plan, they were on board as well. 

The Aftermath

On the big day, August 12, 2018, George took Claire down to the Santa Cruz beach, beautifully decorated with ample lighting. The whole setup looked like a photoshoot with cameras and drones all over. 
While the couple was posing and photographers were shooting, George got claire a little distracted and immediately got down on his knee to ask her the question. 
Claire later said that she was shocked but delighted. George posted the pics on his Instagram. 
The videographers took videos of the whole procedure and later edited it into 10 minutes of extended video footage.
Later in a radio interview, George boasted about the proposal.
He was heard saying, “I’m not going to brag, but I think I killed it, I’m not going to lie,” which sounds like bragging to us.

Wedding Day 

The couple initially had planned to have a wedding in 2020, and they wanted to make it grand. However, they ended up tying the knot early, on April 10, 2019.
Claire wrote in her blog that after attending many traditional wedding ceremonies together, they realized that they wanted to do something different and intimate. 
Of course, they wanted to throw an enormous bash for their friends and family but intended to do it much later.
As the new football season began, they realized they could not wait much longer and decided to pull it off.

Only the closest family was invited

The wedding was planned within a week and the only guest invited were the most immediate family. George’s father, who is ordained, conducted the ceremony.
Kittle’s mom was the photographer while her brother played guitar throughout the ceremony and afterward. 
The ceremony took place in a family friend’s jewelry shop in Iowa. While they had planned to do it on the rooftop, they had to move it to the main showroom because of rainy, cold weather.
George Kittle and his wife
The couple married in 2019 in a quaint wedding ceremony.
It turns out the couple had a long history to the wedding venue. George has been buying her jewelry from the same shop ever since their college days. He even bought their pre-engagement and engagement rings from the same store!
The couple kept their fashionista image intact even for the shotgun wedding. The bride looked stunning in a white, wide-legged jumpsuit, a matching blazer, and high heels. The groom opted for checkered grey pants and a white dress shirt.
Even the teammates of the player were shocked he posted the photos with the caption “Surprise! I married my best friend.” Many fans were quick to assume claire was pregnant.
In response, claire posted cute wedding pics on her Instagram with a romantic caption and added “There is not a baby inside me” at the end. 

The second wedding ceremony

George and his wife renovated their Nashville property and moved in together with plans to stay there for a while after the wedding.
Claire had shared her plans to have a big wedding again in 2020 in her dream destination, Italy, but the coronavirus pandemic called for a change of plans.
George Kittle Wife
George and Claire Kittle on their wedding day
So instead, they had an elegant traditional wedding in their backyard in Tennesse Nashville on April 10, 2021.
According to the information on the internet, only 32 guests were invited. The traditional celebration had an Italian aesthetic to it, just like how the bride wanted. 

About George Kittle

George Kittle, the NFL star, was born on October 9, 1993, in Madison, Wisconsin. His parents are Bruce Kittle and Jan Kriger. Bruce was also a player at Iowa and used to work as a college football coach.

The athletic background of his parents played a huge part in George’s getting interested in football.

He played NCAA Division I Football for Iowa Hawkeyes from 2012 to 2016.

George Kittle wife
George Kittle

His excellent collegiate performance made him one of the significant prospects for the 2017 NFL draft. Finally, he was picked by San Francisco 49rs in the fifth round with the 146th overall pick.

On May 4, 2017, he signed a four-year, $269 million contract with the 49rs. In addition, the contract granted him a signing bonus of $298,287.

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Social Media

Like most of the WAGs, Claire has gained a lot of followers on her social platforms. Her Instagram feed is full of romantic photos with her husband and aesthetically pleasing images of their travel destinations.

According to her, George has nicknamed her “Letty,” which is a play on her middle name “Colette.”

She combined this word with the famous phrase ‘ready set go’ and ended up with lettysetgo. Many fans love her blog entries and social media posts.

Here is a glimpse of her fan following across different social platforms:

Instagram: 76.5k followers

Frequently Asked Questions

Does George Kittle have kids?

After 49ers tight end Kittle hastily tied the knot with his sweetheart in 2019, many assumed they were pregnant. It turns out there are not planning to have kids anytime soon.

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