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Mari Gilbert: Daughters, Netflix & Net Worth

Mari Gilbert was an American Activist who had a very tragic life. 

The Netflix movie “Lost Girls” is based on Gilbert’s life story. In addition, she was portrayed by Amy Ryan.

Gilbert’s one of the daughters went missing and later dead, and sadly, one of her other daughters killed Mari. 

Mari Gilbert.
Mari Gilbert.

This article discusses the tragic life of Mari Gilbert. Moreover, it also discusses her career, personal life, social media, and net worth. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Mari Gilbert: 

Full Name Mari Gilbert
Birth Date June 22, 1964
Birth Place New Jersey, United States of America
Death of Date July 23, 2016
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Hobbies Movies and Music
Education Not Available 
Nickname Not Available
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Father’s Name John W. Cox Sr. 
Mother’s Name June rose C. Gran
Siblings Lori Gove
Age 52 (at the time of death)
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Reach Not Available
Weight 80 Kgs (176 lbs) 
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Profession Activist and Television Personality
Marital Status Married
Partner Not Known
Children Shannan Gilbert, Stevie Gilbert Smith, Sherre Gilbert, and Sarra Elizabeth Gilbert
Net Worth  $1 million – $5 Million 
Social Media Not Active
Amy Ryan Merch Movies
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Mari Gilbert: Age, Height, and Weight

Mari Gilbert was just 52 years old when her daughter brutally killed her. Furthermore, she was around 80 kilograms. 

In addition, the American Activist was 5 feet and 7 inches or 1.70m tall.

She was born under the astrological sign Cancer. Moreover, people with zodiac cancer are said to be extremely fond of their loved ones. 

It is said their love is too much in an unhealthy way. 

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Mari Gilbert: Personal Life

Mari was born to  John W. Cox Sr., and June rose C. Gran in 1964. Furthermore, she grew alongside Lori Gove in Jersey, New Jersey. 

In addition, her father was a businessman, and her mother was a housewife. 


Mari’s boyfriend’s name was Elroy J. Shulterbrandt. They had a long-lasting relationship.

Furthermore, it is unknown if they got married or not. However, it is rumored that the couple was engaged.

Moreover, Mari and Elroy had four children; Shannan Gilbert, Stevie Gilbert Smith, Sherre Gilbert, and Sarra Elizabeth Gilbert.

Netflix’s Lost Girls

Liz Garbus is the award-winning documentary filmmaker behind films such as “What Happened, Miss Simone?.”

Moreover, Liz’s screen debut was as a storyteller with the movable plotline of “Lost Girls.”

It is an emotional investigation of one of the most renowned unsolved homicides of the modern world.

Moreover, it was an outstanding performance in Amy Ryan’s career.

She accomplishes this by concentrating on Mari Gilbert, for whom life turns into a living nightmare after her daughter Shannan vanishes.

Amy Ryan potrayed Mari Gilbert in Netflix's Lost Girls.
Amy Ryan portrayed Mari Gilbert in Netflix’s Lost Girls.

Shannan Gilbert suddenly disappeared in May of 2010.

Moreover, calls from her sister went unheeded, and instinct kicked in when Mari learned that Shannan had dialed 911 from Oak Beach the night before.

Furthermore, a body was discovered in a garbage bag while looking for Shannan, but it wasn’t Shannan.

Additionally, neither would be the next body discovered in a bag off Ocean Parkway or the one after that.

Furthermore, four bodies were found early in the process, pointing to a serial killer in the country’s rich and influential region.

Sadly, the serial killer had been killing and dumping sex workers.

Mari Gilbert: Career

Mari used to work at her local Walmart as a department store manager. Moreover, she became busy with her various hobbies and caring for her grandchildren.

Moreover, her advocacy for investigating her daughter’s death would take precedence.

In addition, Gilbert started working as an advocate after finishing her training. She eventually became an activist and started assisting others.

Due to the financial emergency at home, Mari Gilbert’s eldest daughter “Shannan” started working at 17.

In addition, her daughter went down the wrong path and made quick money, and she ended up as a call girl. 

However, on May 1, 2010, Mari’s daughter disappeared without a trace.

Gilbert stood up for her daughter, Shannan. Moreover, Shannan, a 24-year-old woman from New Jersey, went missing in May 2010.

In addition, the investigation into Mari’s daughter’s disappearance contributed to the discovery of ten murder victims dispersed along New York’s Ocean Parkway.

Investigators believed Shannan died due to an unintentional drowning unconnected to the Long Island serial killer’s crimes.

On the other hand, Maria contested the finding and fought to re-open the homicide case.

Moreover, Gilbert’s family requested an independent post mortem, which revealed that Shannan might have been strangled to death.

Gilbert and her other daughters, Sarra and Sherre, appeared on numerous television shows to discuss the case.

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Mari Gilbert: Net Worth

Mari Gilbert might have had a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. 

However, how she spent her money is not known. In addition, her source of income was from being an Activist. 

Mari Gilbert: Social Media

This activist isn’t available on any social media platforms. Furthermore, her life story can be found on the Netflix show “Lost Girls.”

In addition, you can also find Mari Gilbert Wikipedia page

Mari Gilbert: Death

Mari was discovered dead in the home of her daughter in Ellenville.

Furthermore, Sarra was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and fourth-degree weapon possession.

In addition, Sarra suffered from mental illness and had a history of schizophrenia.

She also allegedly killed her pet puppy before her child a few months before killing Mari. 

Sarra Gilbert, the murderer and daughter of Mari Gilbert.
Sarra Gilbert, the murderer and daughter of Mari Gilbert.

Following the incident, Mari took custody of Sarra’s eight-year-old son.

Sarra had stabbed Mari more than 200 times and killed her with a fire extinguisher.

Furthermore, she attempted to drown her in extinguisher foam and decapitate her.

However, Sarra pleaded not guilty due to a mental illness or defect. Sarra’s younger sister, Stevie Smith, denied that Sara had a mental health condition.

Furthermore, she also stated that she was outraged that her mother, Mari, got possession of her son.

In addition, Stevie also accused her sister of being a drug addict. 

Moreover, Sarra was found guilty and was sentenced to 25 years in prison after being found guilty of second-degree murder.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why did Peter Hackett call Mari Gilbert? 

Following Shannan’s disappearance, Mari Gilbert was contacted by Peter Hackett, a local physician.

In addition, he also claimed to run a home for troubled girls and to have drugged Shannan against her will.

Furthermore, all of the details are visible in the show.

Why did Sarra Gilbert kill her mother, Mari Gilbert? 

Sara allegedly believed she was a god capable of detecting whether or not demons possessed others.

Furthermore, she believed her mother was a demon.

What happened to Mari Gilbert’s other children? 

Since Mari’s death, Sheree and Stevie have carried on their mother’s work to pursue Shannan’s retribution.

Furthermore, the second-oldest sister is in charge of a Facebook page.

Moreover, the page is titled Praying for Shannan Maria Gilbert, and it is devoted to working to fix Shannan’s murder.

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