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Gustavo Becerra Actor Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is He? Family And Net Worth

Audiences are eager to know more about the actor Gustavo Becerra. He has been a topic of interest to many. 

Gustavo Becerra is one of the actors in Morande con Compaia who appears in the scene Behind the Wall.

The career of actor Gustavo Becerra, better known as “El guatón de la Fruta,” has spanned eight years, with ups and downs.

In addition to “el Guatón de la Fruta,” “Jpazul,” “Rubocop,” “Ruborg,” and “Rubo,” he also goes by many other titles.

Gustavo Becerra Actor Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is He?

Gustavo Becerra is an actor but has yet to be available on Wikipedia. 

In 2002, Gustavo began a career in advertising as the spokesperson for Watts juices.

Later, he co-starred with ElGranCharkikan (Pasturri) in other Vaporium Growshop commercials and performed in both plays and young-adult soap operas.

Gustavo Becerra Wikipedia
Gustavo Becerra, more popularly known as “El Guatón de la fruta.”(Source: radioactiva)

It should be noted that he also participates in League of Legends professionally, where he reads the game on his own. He became famous for the great play he wrote himself called “insec.”

He joined Detrás del Muro in 2015, joining Laura Prieto, Stefano Gatto, and Vicente, also known as Hideto, the opening singer.

JP Azul is quite anxious to get to Hell.

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Gustavo Becerra Family And Net Worth

The spouse of Gustavo Becerra is Lorena Fandez. His parents’ identities are still unknown, though.

While the actor and comedian were at the head of the Alcalá theater in 2011, the two began dating.

Gustavo Becerra and his wife Lorena Faúndez. (Source: pudahuel)

Despite lasting three years, that coexistence was unsuccessful. After a year, they got back in touch, but Lorena didn’t reveal her thoughts until 2017.

She had asked him where they were headed. She was urged to wait for his response.

After saying this, Gustavo Becerra placed an order for a wedding band. However, Fandez left the country after five days.

After a year and a half, Lorena returned to Chile, and Gustavo began looking for her. Following that, Becerra popped the question to Fandez on February 14 of this year by taking advantage of a live performance by his band “Swing del mono.”

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