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Does Hamza Yassin Have A Wife? Meet His Partner Jowita Przystal

Hamza Yassin is a passionate, engaging, and highly knowledgeable wildlife cinematographer and photographer who is not confirmed to have a wife.

He made his debut as a presenter on The One Show on the BBC as one of their new wildlife camera operators. DML saw him and signed him right away after recognizing his potential.

Also, Hamza Yassin and his partner, professional dancer Jowita Prystal topped the “Strictly Come Dancing” leaderboard after the first show, earning 34 points from the judges.

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Does Hamza Yassin Have A Wife?

Hamza Yassin is known to people professionally rather than personally, so it is unclear whether he has a wife or not.

Likewise, he has never clearly stated his romantic relationship with people or in interviews. It seems that he is a bit private regarding that matter.

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Even on his social media platforms, he has not expressed anything related, but he keeps posting his photography and many more related to his lifestyle.

It can also be that he is single now and looking forward to someone who can be his better life partner and may introduce his sweetheart with time.

One can always stalk his Instagram profile @hamzayassin90, verified with a tick mark with more than thirty-two thousand followers.

Meet Hamza Yassin Partner Jowita Przystal From Strictly Come Dancing

For the most recent season of the BBC dance competition, which began on Friday night, the professional dancer, Jowita, and the wildlife cameraman Hamza have been coupled.

Countryfile star Hamza Yassin revealed as 13th star signed up for Strictly Come Dancing 2022
Countryfile star Hamza Yassin revealed as 13th star signed up for Strictly Come Dancing 2022 [Source- BBC]
With a fantastic Foxtrot to Islands in the Stream that earned them 34 points and placed them equal first on the leaderboard, Hamza and Jowita dazzled the judges in week one, and they looked amazing together.

They were portrayed learning about their connection in a lighthouse on Scotland’s Ardnamurchan peninsula, where TV host Hamza presently resides.

According to a body language specialist, Jowita Przystal of Strictly Come Dancing may choose to coach her famous partner Hamza Yassin with some “tough love.”

Jowita’s debut year with a famous partner was in 2022, but before that, she appeared in the professional group numbers in 2021.

Hamza Yassin Hair Was Praised Along With His Dance Moves

Hamza Yassin has shockingly long thick hair, which seems to have taken many years to attain length. His hair was praised by many people online, referring to WOW!!

Hamza Yassin has amazing long hair that has caught the attention of many people
Hamza Yassin has amazing long hair that has caught the attention of many people [Source- BBC]
His hair has been a topic of many people as his thick long hair was terrific as his dance and looked unreal to attain as it takes a lot of dedication and care to get it.

Introducing himself on Strictly Come Dancing 2022, Hamza said that his partner, Jowita PrzystaƂ, would be ready herself for “a hair whip” because “she’s got a lot to deal with” and added that he’s sure his “hair will be coming round.”

Even with it, they did an excellent job that people could not stop praising their dance and his hair!

Because his hair is naturally challenging to grow and maintain due to its length, there were rumors that it was fake. His hair, on the other hand, is natural.

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