Dustin Dojo in AGT Season 9 (Source: Instagram)

Who Is Dustin Dojo From AGT? Age Family And Net Worth

AGT: All Stars, a spinoff of America Got Talent, started premiering on January 2, 2023, and features 60 former contestants, including Dustin Dojo from season 9.

Dustin Dojo is a comedic karate duo who received the Golden Buzzer during their audition and is remembered for their impressive and entertaining performance. 

The series features 60 former contestants from various seasons of the show. The returning contestants will compete against each other for the championship title.

Dustin Dojo From America Got Talent Season 9

Dustin Dojo is a highly skilled karate duo comprising Dustin and Terry, who gained recognition for their impressive performance on Season 9 of America’s Got Talent.

Their act, demonstrating various karate techniques and stunts, including hitting fruit hanging from poles, knocking out Terry with a nunchucks, and dragging him off the stage, left the audience and judges mesmerized.

They became the first act in the show’s history to receive the Golden Buzzer, a special honor bestowed upon exceptional performers by the judges.

Dustin Dojo
Dustin Dojo in AGT Season 9 (Source: AGT Fandom)

Despite their impressive performance, they were eliminated in Judgment Week.

However, they returned as a trio for America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, but unfortunately, they could not advance to the live shows.

Dustin aspires to be a karate instructor and star in karate movies, and it is clear from his and Terry’s performance that they have the Talent and expertise to achieve these goals.

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Dustin Dojo Age And Family 

In their appearance on Americas Got Talent 2014, the screen said Dustin and Terry to be 30 and 34 years, respectively. 

However, his squeaky voice makes it difficult to believe he is in his 40s. The age of AGT Stars could have been parodically mentioned to boost their comical and exciting performance.

Dustin Dojo has uploaded a few videos on his YouTube channel after his appearance in AGT with Terry. There are a few videos where he portrays the life of a character named Greg.

Greg may be his name; as mentioned in one of the videos, he is in his prime of life, around 25-30. 

Dustin has not publicly disclosed any information about his family, relationships, or kids and wishes to live a very private life. 

We have seen a few people who help him during his YouTube videos, so we can assume that some of them are his family member, but there needs to be a credible source to prove it. 

Dustin Dojo
Dustin Dojo Show Episode 2 Snap (Source: YouTube)

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Dustin Dojo Net Worth

It is not publicly disclosed how much Dustin of Dustin Dojo is worth. It is common for celebrities and public figures to keep their net worth private, as it is personal information and not necessarily relevant to their profession or public image.

However, Dustin likely has several sources of income. He may host comedy gigs and stand-ups to generate revenue.

He may also have endorsement deals or sponsorships, which can contribute to his income.

It is also possible that Dustin earns money through his YouTube channel, where he shares comedy videos and stories.

Dustin Dojo
The Dustins Dojo Show Episode 1 (Source: YouTube)

With a large following and regular content updates, he may generate revenue through advertisements and sponsorships on the platform.

More information makes it possible to accurately speculate on the specifics of Dustin’s income and net worth.

However, it is clear that he has found success in the entertainment industry and has likely built a substantial career for himself.

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