Hanks Anuku Current Situation

Hanks Anuku Current Situation: Is He Still Alive?

Fans are concerned about Hanks Anuku’s current situation after being spotted drinking in filthy clothing in a bar.

Hanks Anuku, known as Nollywood’s “baddest boy,” is well known for his roles as the leading gangster in the industry.

In movies, he is known for playing the vicious hitman, the bully, and the American criminal returnee with ease. Hanks is your first choice when playing the bad guy because he was adept at playing the worst villain roles.

The movie star, who was born on August 27, 1960, has appeared in several Nollywood thrillers, including “Face of a Murderer,” “Broad Daylight,” and “Men on Hard Way.”

Regina Askia introduced him to Nollywood, and his first film role was in “The Skeleton.” He has appeared in more than 50 films since then.

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Hanks Anuku Current Situation: Is He Still Alive? 

Hanks Anuku, a Nollywood Actor, debunked the second death rumor. On June 6, the day after widespread reports of his demise appeared on social media.

The Actor posted a similar video on his Facebook page. The news comes a few days after Olu Jacobs, a Nollywood Actor, was said to have passed away.

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Olu Jacob is “alive, very hale and hearty,” according to the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), which denied the reports of his death.

Hanks Anuku Alive
Hanks Anuku debunking about his death rumors (Source: Instagram)

The incorrect information, which Hanks Anuku, claimed was being spread by “poisonous press vipers,” clearly incensed him.

The Delta State-based Actor stated this in a video posted on his Instagram page on Monday.

Anuku urged the populace to ignore the reports of his demise and added that anyone who did so would “be clothed with evil.”

“I am Hank Anuku, a Nollywood Actor, and I am alive,” he declared. He further stated that his haters are dead and Jesus Christ, who is alive, is his deliverer. He ended the note by saying that he adored his followers.

Hanks Anuku Health Condition: Is He Fine?

Nollywood Actress Adanma Luke has reacted to her coworker Shan George’s assertion that Hanks Anuku, a legendary colleague, was fine despite a viral video of him wearing torn clothing.

Adanma claims that Hanks Anuku is not doing well and requires assistance.

However, the veteran Actor Hanks Anuku has spoken out about his health condition. Recall that the Nigerian blog “gossipmilltv” shared a video clip on Instagram.

A voice calling for help for the Actor who was allegedly seen drinking by himself at dawn in Ghana could be heard in a video that has not yet been positively identified as having been taken.

A short while ago, Hanks posted a video of himself on his Instagram page, looking much better than he had been rumored to be in recent days.

The movie star also revealed that he is currently filming a movie with coworker Zubby Michael and Crew in his mother’s village of Asaba.

Hanks Anuku Was Spotted Drinking At The Bar

According to reports, Hanks Anuku was seen drinking in a bar in a popular video hours after a disturbing video of him appeared online.

Hanks Anuku Drinking
Hanks Anuku spotted Drinking (Source: gistlover.com)

This occurred shortly after a video of him wandering the streets in torn clothing and appearing mentally ill went viral.

On Monday, November 14, 2022, a video showing Hanks Anuku wandering the streets in filthy clothing surfaced online.

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Although his colleague Shan George refuted rumors that he had become insane, online users had expressed concerns about his mental health.

In a recently discovered online video, the Actor is seen enjoying a drink and making erratic gestures while in an unidentified bar.

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