Omar Sy Religion

Is Omar Sy Muslim Or Christian? Omar Sy Religion Family Ethnicity And Origin

French actor Omar Sy Religion has always been a hot topic among Internet users. Fans want to know everything about Omar’s religion, family, ethnicity and background.

Omar Sy is a famous actor from France. He is best known for his appearances in films such as Intouchables, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jurassic World, Two Is a Family and many others.

The actor is the first black winner of the “César Award for Best Actor.” He gained recognition and won an award for his performance in the comedy-drama Intouchables.

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Omar Sy Religion Family: Is Sy Muslim Or Christian? 

Omar Sy holds the doctrine of Islamic destiny and practices Islam. So, the actor is definitely a Muslim.

Sy was born in Trappes in the Yvelines department in the Île-de-France region. His parents: Diaratou, mother and Demba, father.

Omar’s mother worked as a house cleaner, and his father worked in an auto parts factory to support their family of ten.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Sy opened up about the discrimination he faced because of his appearance. He opened up, people would usually mistake him for being poor, although he had a very normal lifestyle.

Omar Sy Religion
Omar Sy and his wife Hellen attend the German Premiere of the film ‘Inferno’ (Source: Legit)

He further added that he loved his life and was full of fun.

French actor Sy is married to Hélène. The couple married on July 5, 2007, in Tremblay-Sur-Mauldre, France.

Omar and Hélène dated for ten years before getting hitched. The couple first met in 1996 when they were both young hustlers.

The couple upholds the value of marriage and has a traditional family with a life together.

Omar Sy’s wife, Hélène, is an associate investment expert and founder of Siyah Organics, a Senegalese American organic food supplement company.

The couple has five children together: Sabah, Amani-Nour, Alhadji Sy, Selly Sy and Tidiane Sy.

Omar Sy Ethnicity and Origin

46 years, French actor Omar Sy was born to Diaratou and Dembo. Both his parents are African and are immigrants from West Africa.

His father, Demba, is from Senegal, of Fula ethnicity. Likewise, his mother is from Mauritania.

This makes French actor and comedian Omar, Fula Senegalese, Mauritanian. Therefore, Sy comes from Fula Origin.

His family visits Senegal and likes to speak Pular, a language spoken mainly by the Fula ethnic group.

Omar Sy Religion
Omar Sy at “Samba” Premiere – 2014 Toronto International Film Festival (Source: Zimbio)

The actor grew up with his seven other siblings in a low-income suburban project in Trappes. Sy is the fourth of eight children.

In 2012, Omar moved to Los Angeles in the United States with his family.

In addition, Sy practices Muslim and holds the doctrine of Islamic predestination.

Learn More About Omar Sy Net Worth

According to WikiaBio, actor and comedian Omar Sy has a net worth of $5 million as of [current year].

Most of his income comes from his acting career. He earns from movies, TV series and advertisements.

In addition to acting, Sy is a comedian who has appeared in many skits with his comedy partner and actor Fred Testot. His appearance on the French premium television channel Canal+ won him wide acclaim.

Omar Sy has had a passion for acting since childhood. He started his career in Nova Radio.

Omar Sy Religion
Omar Sy, Marvellous French actor and comedian (Source: GLOBAL STARDOM)

After that, the actor appeared in various TV shows. He also created his own TV show, “Le Visiophon.”

Apart from that, Omar has appeared in many Hollywood movies, which have brought him great fame.

In addition, the actor is the first black winner of the “César Award for Best Actor” for his performance in the comedy-drama film “Intouchables.”

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