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Hannah Brown Weight Loss Before And After Photo- What happened To Her?

Hannah Brown, who played Hannah on The Bachelorette, has spoken up about her weight loss journey and difficulties with self-worth, admitting she “just ate candy” on the ABC program.

Hannah Kelsey Brown is an American television personality and previous winner of beauty pageants. In the fifteenth season of The Bachelorette, she played the title role. In season 23 of The Bachelor, Brown finished in the top seven.

Hannah Brown Weight Loss Before And After 

The reality personality, 26, revealed that after seeing the models in the Limited Too catalogs, she began comparing herself to other females at an early age. On February 10, Brown claimed in a YouTube video, “I had a pretty round face, like I still do, with huge dimples. People would frequently make remarks about my “little chubby face.”

Because her grandfather was a logger, the Alabama native recalls her mother calling her legs “logging legs.” She said, “She said, ‘If we had powerful legs, we could pull up trees.

Brown acknowledged that she had always battled to accept her legs after a dancer in her class suggested that slender females should have a thigh gap.

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She added that she would frequently contrast herself with the other dancers she had grown up with. “Everyone would always comment on my tiny chubby face,” she said.

The former pageant queen acknowledged that she soon stopped eating and that by the time she entered Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, she “just ate candy.” She later admitted that she yearned for a “thigh gap.”

She admitted, “I would never eat the food.”

She quickly discovered that, despite being at what she believed to be her optimum body weight, she had “no energy” for her workouts and that acne had spread across her face.

What happened To Hannah Brown?

Brown claimed that “all the weight came back on and more” after the competition, which involved a bikini portion, and that this prompted her to go on “severe yo-yo” diets.

“I was very anxious. A great deal of depression,” she recalled. There is no slim like breakup skinny, and Brown was advised after her time at the University of Alabama when she suffered through a relationship. Thus, it was okay for her to lose weight.

After her breakup, when she also began preparing for the Miss Alabama pageant, the TV personality admitted that she did drop weight and “became pretty little.”

She admitted that accepting her body as it is a “daily challenge.” She said, “My better and better doesn’t always equal smaller and smaller.” “[Just] be a more wholesome Hannah. I simply want to be able to move. My body shut down due to the stress I placed it through.

“Mentally, I’m recovering and resting my body so I can gradually love on my body,” Brown continued. There is no place where I won’t allow myself to have fun. I adore sweets. I don’t want to starve myself.

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