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Paul Rodriguez: Career, Girlfriends & Net Worth

Paul Rodriguez is an American professional skateboarder, rapper, actor, and recording artist. He goes by the nickname “P-Rod.”

Rodriguez is considered to be a free-spirited rider. However, his form remains flexible, unlike most skateboarders.

During his two decades of Skateboarding, he has received more than a dozen sponsorships.

paul rodriguez with his skateboard
Paul Rodriguez with his skateboard (his Twitter)

His extremely difficult yet eye-pleasing stunts capture the attention of everyone.

As an actor, he appeared in various silver screen pictures. Additionally, he also raps and records his songs.

Nevertheless, Paul always lives to improve himself as a skater by completing challenges.

Quick Facts

Paul has lived a fulfilling life that is not so easily summarizable. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the champion’s bio firstly:

Full name Paul Martin Rodriguez Jr.
Nickname P-Rod
Date of birth December 31, 1984
Age 39 Years Old
Birthplace Tarzana, California, U.S.
Current Residence Los Angeles
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mexican-American
Education Birmingham High school
Father’s name Paul Rodriguez
Mother’s name Laura Martinez
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Height 5 feet and 8 inches
Weight 162 lbs
Shoe size 9.5 (U.S.)
Hair color Black
Eye color Light Brown
Marital Status Divorced
Children One daughter
Net Worth $8 million
Profession Professional Skateboarder, Actor, Rapper, Recording Artist
Salary $300,000
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
Debut year 1998
Merch Wheel, Tech-Deck Skateboards
Last Update May 2024

Paul Rodriguez: Family, Early Life, and Education

Paul Martin Rodriguez Jr. was born on December 31, 1984. His hometown is Tarzana, California.

Popular Mexican comedian Paul Rodriguez and his wife Laura Martinez gave birth to him.

He has one brother named Lucas Rodriguez.

As a child, Paul was rather shy and introverted.

However, he changed when he discovered Skateboarding.

Since his father was famous, he met a lot of celebrities when he was young.

Furthermore, he stated an incident where he met Mr.T. during a Christmas day parade; he needed to go to the bathroom.

Since his father was busy, Mr.T. offered to take him. Naturally, Paul got excited as he was a big fan.

Nonetheless, he exclaimed, “…it was sick! Mr. T. chauffeured me to the bathroom!”

He got his nickname actually through his friends. In junior high, most of his friends called him “P-Rod.” Hence, the name just stuck.

Similarly, he then got his first skateboard as a Christmas present. Back then, he was twelve years old.

He had seen many skateboarders in his school. Naturally, therefore, he felt fascinated by the street sport.

P-Rod became obsessed with his skateboard gears; he slept with them at night.

Next, he also slept with his first Street League Skateboarding (SLS) trophy.

Nevertheless, his passion for Skateboarding grew, and he went professional.

Regardless of his skating mania, he subsequently graduated from Birmingham High School.

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Paul Rodriguez: Body Measurements

Paul has one of the most amazing bodies in the skating community.

The champ stands at 5 feet 8 inches, reaching 1.73m in height.

He maintains his weight at 162 lbs. Additionally, he maintains that weight by hitting the gym and Skateboarding.

Furthermore, he claims he has a rather clean diet to aid his health.

Paul Rodriguez: Personal Life

Paul Rodriguez has always been a shy person. Even when he got fame, he remained humble and private.

However, his skateboarding skills show his wild and carefree side as well. He influenced the modern generation to skateboard.

Likewise, he still skates and competes in many events and wins them. Nonetheless, he wants to improve himself.

Despite getting all the awards and sponsors, he still wants to improve his skills and train daily.

Paul Rodriguez: Love Life

Although P-Rod successfully skates, he is not so lucky in his love life.

First of all, he married his long-time girlfriend, Rainbow Alexander.

After that, they birthed their daughter, Heaven Love Rodriguez.

Even after several attempts, they could not restore their marriage. Then the couple split.

Next, Rodriguez Jr. dated famous DIY YouTuber Rachel Metz.

paul with his ex Rachel Metz
Paul with his ex Rachel Metz (her Instagram)

Their relationship lasted for seven long years. However, they broke up on June 18, 2020. At that time, they were living together.

Fans expressed shock as Metz recently finished renovating their L.A. home.

Going through many heartbreaks slumped the skateboarding whiz. Nevertheless, Paul did not let it get to him.

Paul Rodriguez: Career

The man of many talents had a wide range of careers. Moreover, he did not limit himself to skateboarding-related careers only.

To elaborate, he called himself a “workaholic” due to his extremely busy career.

Skateboarding Career

Before anything, P-Rod is a certified skateboarder. He started professionally skating at the age of 14.

As he was shy, his friend helped him post a “Sponsor me” video to Andy Netkin.

Netkin, the manager of a local skate shop, hired him immediately. Then, Paul became a member of the “One Eighteen” team.

After his recruitment, the store manager said that he had sensed potential from Paul.

DNA Skateboards

DNA Skateboards was Paul’s first company sponsor. The company featured him in their video “Microanalysis” in 1999.

The video blew up and opened various options for the young skater.

Moreover, former skater Anthony Pappalardo also encouraged Habitat skateboard to hire him.

However, Joe Castrucci, the co-founder, refused to do so.

Nevertheless, Paul’s popularity had many other sponsors for him.

City Stars

Professional skateboarder Kareem Campbell then picked Paul in 2000.

Then, he officially became a part of the City Stars team.

Despite being an amateur, he got featured in the company video “Street Cinema.”

Such honor was usually reserved for legendary skaters only.

He became close to Campbell, who had a jewelry collection.

Consequently, Paul also got into collecting such jewelry as well.

Campbell gave him a special kind of diamond bracelet as a token of appreciation.

Rodriguez was also got influenced by his musical tastes.

Subsequently, he started listening to rappers like Nas and Jay-Z.

Furthermore, the company wanted to release Paul’s signature skateboard deck.

However, the skateboarder left before the production.


Paul got featured on Transworld Skate boarding’s video “In Bloom.”

Then, Girl Skateboards approached him. He achieved professional status in 2002 by teaming up with Girl.

From 17 to 19 years, he got sponsored by Girl. He also got featured in their film called “Yeah Right.

P-Rod explained his time with Girl was the best years of his career. He expected a life-long sponsorship from them.

However, he later accepted the offer from Danny Way for Plan B.

Plan B

Plan B was the relaunched skateboard deck company that Danny Way and Colin McKay owned.

The recently made famous skater released a solo Plan B video in 2010. Therefore, the video is called Me, Myself & I.

Plan B also launched Rodriguez’s skateboard decks. Unfortunately, P-Rod was unable to choose his favorite.

Finally, he mentioned the graphic with Bruce Lee’s “Fury” deck was his best.

Although he had an excellent relationship with Plan B, he decided to go on his way.

In July 2013, he finally announced his departure from the company.

Primitive Skateboarding

Primitive Skateboarding was a way for Rodriguez to build his mark.

Hence, he founded the company in April 2014.

The initial team consists of himself, Nick Tucker, and Carlos Riberio.

paul with his primitive crew
Paul with his crew (his Facebook)

Recently, the team celebrated its 7th anniversary in 2021.

Additionally, their retail stores opened in Los Angeles.

Now, they focus on skateboard decks and apparel lines.

Business Career

Paul became the president of his company Primitive in 2014.

Likewise, his partners Netkin were the CEO and Jubal Jones, the creative director.

As he went further into deals and sponsors, P-Rod sought to take a hand at business.

Hence, he collaborated with Nike SB to release his signature shoes.

Similarly, he joined Glassy Sunhaters sunglasses.

Later, he released his signature model sunglasses in February 2015.

Training Facility

Paul was not only Skateboarding but also wanted to improve his skills.

Therefore, he opened his private skating park. Likewise, the skatepark is located in Canoga Park, California.

Moreover, it features designs of his sponsors like Nike SB, Mountain Dew, and Target.

Mike Roebke designed the skate park alongside the owner.

Recently in 2014, the park had gone through a major remodeling process. Hence, Hypebeast posted the process on their page.

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To date, Rodriguez has been sponsored by giants like Nike SB, Mountain Dew, and Nixon watches.

Additionally, Markisa, Venture, and Glassy Sunhaters also sponsor him.

P-Rod released his first Nike shoe in 2005.

He recently released the eighth one in 2014. As of now, he rides as a senior member of the Nike SB team.

The skateboarder has always been a Nike supporter. Likewise, Nike also made him one of the first skateboarders on their team.

Surprisingly, Target also made him the first skateboarder to be sponsored in 2013.

Target’s spokesperson mentioned Paul’s energy was what they wanted. Hence, they were happy to have him on the team.

Then, AT&T also featured him on one of their promotional videos.

The posting was done because Paul had won the competition AT&T had sponsored.

Circe Wallace is currently managing him.


As an actor, Rodriguez felt creative.

Therefore, he looked up to actors like Johnny Depp and Christain Bale.

Additionally, he also admired the works of Edward Norton.

Adding to his love for rap, he worshipped Tupac Shakur. The rapper highly influenced his style.

He starred in the lead role in Vicious Circle, Street Dreams, and The Motivation films.

The actor also appears in minor roles like in The Curse of La Llorona.

Likewise, he starred in various sitcoms, like recently the Selena Series.

He has also been featured in Tony Hawk’s video games. Out of all of them, he has been featured in 5 games.

He captivated his fans in a five-part series called LIFE.

Each episode consists of his life, including the first episode where he visits his grandmother.


Rodriguez grew to be an exceptional influence over modern skaters.

He inspired great skateboarders like the young Nyjah Huston. Huston remarked, “He a pretty ideal professional skateboarder.”

Similarly, Transworld Magazine crowned him one of the most Influential Skateboarders. He was in the thirteenth position.

Paul also became a sensation by receiving one of the longest lists of sponsors.

Many aspired to be like him.


In July 2018, the legendary P-Rod suffered a major injury!

The injury was related to his knees, in which he tore his MCL, ACL, and meniscus at once.

Moreover, the skateboarder fell from above 9 stairs and landed on his knees, which caused some serious chaos!

Furthermore, after 2 years from his injury, Paul expressed his feeling towards injuries and talked about various things in an interview with The Nine Club Clips.

Paul Rodriguez: Controversies

One time, P-Rod’s design for Nike shoes was leaked online.

Unfortunately, the reviews were mostly negative. Simultaneously, Ripped laces’ website labeled the leaked design as “skeptical.”

Apart from such leaks, he has not been in any serious controversy.

Paul Rodriguez: Net worth

Much of Rodriguez Jr.’s worth comes from his dozens of sponsors.

Paul Rodriguez’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

He has a Mercedes car, an estate in Los Angeles, and other expensive assets.

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Paul Rodriguez: Social Media

Like any celebrity, Paul gets a huge fan following on social media.

First of all, his Instagram has over 1.8 million followers. In addition to the massive fans, he has over 4.5k posts on it.

Next, his Twitter page has over 436k followers. So he is active on Twitter.

Similarly, his Facebook page comes, which has over 1.9 million followers.

His Facebook has the most followers in comparison to his other social media.

Finally, his personal Youtube account has over 268k followers. Nonetheless, he opened the account a decade ago.

Paul Rodriguez: Trivia 

  1. While he was under Girl’s sponsorship, he lived with Jereme Rogers. To clarify, he was a professional skateboarder and rapper.
  2. In 2013, he got his first-ever professional skateboard deck from Girl with his name in English. Moreover, he says it is his all-time favorite.
  3. Nevertheless, seven of his top ten skateboard decks are from Plan B.
  4. Initially, he said his idols were Bruce Lee, Jesus Christ, and Muhammad Ali.

Paul Rodriguez: FAQs

Who owns Primitive Skateboarding?

Skateboard deck and apparel company Primitive Skateboarding is partially owned by Paul Rodriguez Jr.

Is Paul Rodriguez related to El Chapo?

Yes, Paul Rodriguez Sr. is related to El Chapo.

Moreover, we don’t know the exact relation between the two, but Paul Rodriguez’s father seemed to be a relative of El Chapo, the Kingpin.

What did Paul Rodriguez tell Hola! during an interview?

Hola! is a media company that interviewed P-Rod on December 19, 2020.

Likewise, in the interview, Rodriguez Jr. expressed the injury he faced; he said he had torn his ACL, MCL, and Meniscuses.

Furthermore, in that interview, the skateboarder also talked about his experience filming Selena and launching his own CBD oil brand!

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