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Has The Great British Baking Show Judge Prue Leith Done Plastic Surgery? Health Update 2022

The Great British Baking Show Judge Prue Leith Done Plastic Surgery has grasped everyone’s attention. Fans are curious to know more about her and her surgery. 

Dame Prudence Margaret Leith, DBE, is a South African restaurateur, gourmet specialist, caterer, TV moderator/telecaster, columnist, cookery essayist, and writer. 

She serves as Chancellor of Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret College. She was a longtime expert on BBC Two’s Extraordinary English Menu before replacing Mary Berry on The British Bake Off in March 2017, when the TV show switched to Channel 4.

Has The Great British Baking Show Judge Prue Leith Done Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Prue Leith has gone through facelift surgery. Prue Leith of The Great British Bake Off has talked openly about her decision to get a facelift.

Prue claimed that while she liked the process, the afterward hurt quite. In the 1990s, facelifts were not very frequent, and Prue recounts amusingly that the bar patrons thought she had been in a car accident because of how bad she looked.

The 77-year-old cooking diva claimed that her desire to have surgery in her fifties was spurred by viewing an unfavorable photo of herself.

Prue Leith facelift.
Prue Leith facelift (Source: The Mirror)

She says she chose to get a facelift when she was 50 and saw a picture of herself that made her look 100 years old with double chins and wrinkles.

She also adds that she was prepared for her husband to be very critical, but all he cared about was her locating a good surgeon who wouldn’t make her look like someone else. She ultimately got it completed in South Africa.

Prue’s top eyelids, which the surgeon lifted and which she describes as “great drapes hanging over her lashes,” were the focus of his attention.

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Prue Leith Health Updates 2022

Leith, 82 years old, has spoken up about her health concerns and the significance of exercising when she is not baking.

Leith remembered an incident from 2019 in which she had fallen, and now the celebrity is afraid that it may happen again after a difficult two-year recovery.

However, Leith’s most significant worries came true when she sustained a ruptured Achilles tendon while filming The Great British Bake Off’s opening scene. Leith described the incident, describing how she received a “hammer blow” on the ankle before being taken to the hospital by EMS. After the second event, Leith started prioritizing her health by exercising to stay in shape.

Prue Leith Family Life Explored

Pure Leith was born in South Africa’s Cape Town. Her father, Sam Leith, produced dynamite for use in mines while working for African Explosives, a division of ICI, eventually holding the director position. Actress Margaret “Peggy” Inglis was her mother.

Leith attended St Mary’s School, Waverley, an Anglican nun-run English independent private boarding school for girls in Johannesburg, from age five until seventeen.

She graduated with first-class matriculation and studied at the University of Cape Town, but she didn’t stick with theater, fine art, architecture, or French courses for very long.

She convinced her parents to let her enroll at the Sorbonne (officially the University of Paris), reportedly so she could study the Cours de Civilisation Française and improve her French. She finally understood that she wanted to work in the culinary industry while she was in Paris.

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