Holly Willoughby Plastic Surgery

Has Holly Willoughby Had Plastic Surgery? What Happened To Face Shape?

Following the release of a new video, Holly Willoughby’s admirers are speculating whether she has undergone plastic surgery.

Holly Willoughby always has flawless skin and natural makeup, whether modeling her M&S range or presenting Dancing on Ice in a sparkling outfit.

Fans are amazed that Holly Willoughby “looks better and younger” now than she did ten years ago, even though the beauty has been on our TV screens for more than ten years.

Has Holly Willoughby Had Plastic Surgery?

Holly Willoughby hasn’t revealed anything about getting plastic surgery yet.

Because of how stunning the actress is, people have questioned whether the This Morning presenter has had lip filler after noticing a change in her lips in a video she posted on Instagram. “Beautiful Holly! Did you ever get lip filler? ” one of the users commented.

Holly Willoughby 1
Holly Willoughby before and after lip filler (Source: dailymail)

Holly’s fellow admirer Dr. Emily Aesthetics speculates that Holly may have used lip fillers. She said that older photos show she naturally has a thin upper lip and that her vertical height has significantly risen in more recent images.

Holly Willoughby has lip filler, claims Carrie Hancox of the Centre for Surgery. Due to Holly’s bottom lip’s indentation, she claimed she might have used the “keyhole lip technique,” which gives patients the ideal pout by creating a slight separation between the lower and upper lips.

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What Happened To Holly Willoughby’s Face Shape?

Dr. Sarah Tonks, a cosmetic surgeon at The Lovely Clinic, was interviewed by Daily Star Online.

Dr. Tonks examined photos of Holly over the years and offered her expert judgment on any surgical and non-surgical augmentations the TV actress may have gotten.

Holly has already been outspoken about her desire to avoid influencing young girls regarding procedures.

Dr. Tonks acknowledged that the TV personality’s significant weight loss over the previous year may have contributed to the changes in her face shape.

Although she has an excellent volume in the cheekbone area for a woman in her 30s, Dr. Tonks believes she has modified it somehow.

Moving on to the area under Holly’s eyes, Dr. Tonks noted that while there is a tiny indentation where the tear trough would be in her older photographs, there isn’t as much in her more recent ones.

She added that she would focus on Holly’s eyelids “due to them darkening and losing volume” if Holly were a patient of hers.

Holly Willoughby Weight Loss Journey

Holly has previously discussed diets and weight loss because she has lost weight since she first appeared on television in the early 2000s.

Holly has undoubtedly lost weight since she started her TV career in 2000, but the presenter is cautious about how she discusses diets and weight reduction in public.

The This Morning host frequently discusses her personal life on her lifestyle website Wylde Moon, but she has pledged never to talk about her weight, diet, or exercise routine. There is a solid reason for this.

The broadcaster dropped weight in 2018, and followers eagerly commented on her transformation online.

But Holly said that she “deliberately” avoided discussing it on TV or elsewhere in an interview with the Sunday Times the year after.

In an interview, Willoughby said that she doesn’t like to talk about it because she is so much more than her weight. However, she has another good reason to avoid talking about private matters.

Holly mentioned that she stays away from discussing her eating habits and workout routine since she has spoken with many people with eating disorders and knows how fixated some chat room users can become on other people’s diets.

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