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Sean Kyle Swayze: Feud, Career & Net Worth

You must have heard about the legendary actor Patrick Swayze from his iconic role in Dirty Dancing and Donnie Darko. Similarly, the acting gene must run in the family because his brother Sean Kyle Swayze is also an actor.

Though not successful as his brother Patrick who was an actor, singer, dancer, and writer, Sean Swayze also has made a name for himself in the Hollywood world.

Sean Kyle Swayze suffered devastation from the loss of his brother in 2009 from pancreatic cancer.

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With all that grievance going on, he still had to fight a battle against his then-sister-in-law, Lisa Niemi.

Sean has been in multiple tabloid news after this long-lasting feud. Nonetheless, Sean, is a family man and has done everything to live up to the family name.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts just in case you did not know about the American actor Sean Kyle Swayze.

Full Name Sean Kyle Swayze
Date of birth In 1962
Age [calculate_years datestring=”1962″] Years Old
Birthplace Houston, Texas, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Black Middle School
Father’s name Jesse Wayne Swayze
Mother’s name Patsy Swayze
Zodiac sign unknown
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Spouse Unknown
Children None
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Light Blonde
Eye color Blue
Net Worth $1 Million
Siblings Four
Brothers Patrick and Don Swayze
Sisters Bambi Swayze and Vickie Lynn Swayze
Sexual Orientation Straight
Profession Actor
Current Status Active
Nickname Sean
Salary $10-$15 Thousand
Social Media None
Patrick Swayze’s Movies Next Of Kin, Three Wishes, Road House
Last Update [current-year]

Sean Kyle Swayze: Appearance

The height and weight of Sean Swayze have not been disclosed to the public. Sean had a good physique in his younger days, but he is just healthy now in his late fifties.

Sean Kyle Swayze 2

He has light blonde hair with blue eyes. He has a fair complexion. Sean quite has a resemblance to his brother Patrick Swayze.

Sean Kyle Swayze: Early Life


There are no exact records of when Sean Kyle Swayze was born, but he was born sometime in 1962. He was born in Houston, Texas, in the United States.

His father’s name is Jesse Wayne Swayze, and his mother’s name is Patsy Swayze.

His father was an engineer. Whilst on the other side, his mother was on the artistic side and was a film choreographer, dancer, and dance instructor.

Sean Swayze’s grandfather’s name was Victor Elliot Karnes, and his grandmother’s name was Gladys Mae. He also has a niece by the same name.

Sean has four siblings; two brothers and two sisters. His oldest brothers are Don Swayze and Patrick Swayze. The sisters’ names are Bambi Swayze and Vickie Lynn Swayze.

His brother Don Swayze is also an actor in Hollywood, and his youngest sister Bambi Swayze is said to be adopted.

Sean Kyle Swayze 5

Sean Swayze’s father, Jesse Swayze, was an alcoholic and was not the best father role model. His drinking got to him, and he died in 1982 when Sean was 19 years old.

His mother, Patsy Swayze, also died of a stroke in Simi Valley. She passed away nine years ago in 2013.

His grandparents are also deceased, and two of his siblings have also passed away.

The oldest sister Vicky committed suicide at the age of forty-five. His brother Patrick Swayze passed away from cancer, and that caused a stir in the national news.

His other brother Don Swayze is, however, doing well in his acting career. He recently appeared in the Netflix series Long Mire in the seventh episode of the fifth season.


Growing up in a big family, the Swayzes had their own struggles. And the fact that their father was an alcoholic did not make things any easier.

But his mother was a great role model, and she introduced the world of movies and cinema to young children.

Maybe if it were not for her, the world would not have had actors such as Patrick Swayze.

Since Sean Swayze was the youngest in the family, he received a lot of attention and love from all his siblings. All his siblings spoiled Sean Swayze.

Sean Swayze grew up in the neighborhood of Houston, Texas. He played football with his siblings and also was part of the high school football team.

For his schooling, he went to St. Rose of Lima Catholic School, and then he moved on to Oak Forest Elementary School. In his middle school years, he joined the Black Middle School.

We do not know where he graduated from his high school, but he did study up to high school. However, he did not go to college in his later years and started working.


Sean Kyle Swayze: Personal Life

Sean Swayze is an American citizen. He is caucasian in terms of ethnicity and Christian in terms of religion.

A look into Sean’s ancestral history revealed that his paternal ancestors were John Swasey, an English man from Bridport, Dorset.

During their immigration, he arrived in Massachusetts. Later the family changed the name from Swasey to Swayze.

There has been no news on whether Sean is married or not. No rumor of an affair or girlfriends ever surfaced. Being in his late fifties, it is speculated that he must have been married and has kids of his own.

Since Sean’s exact date of birth is unknown, his zodiac sign also remains unknown.

However, we know that he is a very private person and does not like sharing his personal affair with the media.

But he is a very polite person in real life. Even though his secretive nature is there, it is no secret that he is extremely protective of his family and will defend them no matter what.

Sean Kyle Swayze: Career

Sean might not be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but everyone is just one movie role away from leaving an imprint.

Ever since he was young, he followed his brother’s footsteps, and even when he grew up, he also chased an acting career like his older brother Patrick Swayze.

Sean Swayze was in the limelight from a young age, all thanks to his brother Patrick Swayze. He starred in the movie “Letter from a Killer” alongside his brother Patrick.

Sean also had a  minor role in Lost in the Woods. And he also starred in the Disney show Sam and Cat starring Ariana Grande.

No further information about his acting career is found. His current profession is also unknown, but he might still be working in Hollywood.


Sean Kyle Swayze: Net Worth

Next to his brother’s massive fortune, Sean’s net worth might not seem much.

But being in the Hollywood industry has helped him make a living for himself. He has earned himself a good amount of wealth.

Sean reportedly earns somewhere from ten thousand to fifteen thousand Us dollars from his roles in movies.

He has an estimated net worth of one million us dollars.

While his brother Patrick had an estimated net worth of forty million US dollars during the time of his death.

With working on more than 50 projects, Patrick Swayze earned much of his wealth from his major roles in Point Break and Donnie Darko.

Sean’s older brother Don Swayze who is also an actor, has an estimated net worth of 3 million US dollars. Sean lives comfortably with the wealth he has amassed from his acting.

With more than one hundred acting credits to his name, Don Swayze is currently working on, Fragments from Olympus: The Vision of Nikola Tesla, Holy Masquerade, and Wind of Heaven, which are in their production phase.

Sean Kyle Swayze: Brother’s Death

In the late December of the year 2007, Patrick Swayze reported he suffered burning in his stomach.

Later from his reports, it was revealed it was due to the blockage in his bile ducts.

Then in mid-January of 2008, he was diagnosed with stage four IV pancreatic cancer. And he was hospitalized in January of the year 2009 when he was suffering from Jaundice.

After twenty months of suffering, Patrick Swayze finally gave in. He passed away on the 14th of September 2009.

It was confirmed that the cause of his death was pancreatic cancer. His body was then cremated by his family member, including Sean Swayze.

Patrick Swayze’s ashes were scattered over his New Mexico Ranch.

A few years before his death, their sister Vicky Swayze had passed away after her chronic drinking problems.

This was a wake-up call for the Swayze brother, and reportedly they all stopped drinking.

Perhaps it was a little too late for Patrick since he already had cancer. His brother’s death devasted Sean, but the harder fight was yet to come for him.

Sean Kyle Swayze: Feud

Swayze became the center of gossip after his brother’s death in 2009 because of his feud with his ex-sister-in-law, Lisa Niemi.

The feud started after Lisa started selling Patrick’s belongings and alleged her mother-in-law Patsy of being physically abusive towards her son.

Sean quickly came to defend his mother, saying that any mother being a little strict is totally normal.

In an interview, Lisa claimed that her mother-in-law Patsy was ” very violent.”

Then Sean fired back in his interview, saying that his sister-in-law was grubbing for money since he died. And anything that makes her money, she will tell the press.

He confirmed, saying that his mother was maybe a tad bit tempered, but she would never go as far as abusing her own son.

Sean claimed that they were never hit in any sort, even while they were young.

Well, the feud lasted over 11 years, even though Lisa is now married to Albert Deprisco. Furthermore, even though Lisa and Patrick were married for well over 34 years, they never had children.


Sean Kyle Swayze: Social Media

Talking about social media, Sean is not active on any social media platform and is very unlike to join any social stage any time soon.


How many years are Sean and Patrick apart?

Sean and Patrick Swayze are ten years apart in age.

What is Sean Kyle Swayze’s net worth?

Sean Kyle Swayze is worth one million US dollars.

What movies did Sean Swayze play in?

Sean Swayze is known for starring in the films as, Jump, Donnie Darko, Julie Newmar, Dirty Dancing, and Keeping Mom.

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