How Is Shaheen Afridi Related To Shahid Afridi

How Is Shaheen Afridi Related To Shahid Afridi? Family Tree And Net Worth Difference

Prominent Pakistani cricketers Shaheen Afridi and Shahid Afridi are related. They are soon-to-be in-laws.

Shaheen Afridi, 24, is one of the rising cricket talents in Pakistan. He plays as a fast bowler for the national cricket team and recently joined Middlesex County Cricket Club. 

Shahid Afridi is a former Pakistani cricket captain, full name Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi. He is currently 44.

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How Is Shaheen Afridi Related To Shahid Afridi?

Pakistani cricketers Shaheen Afridi and Shahid Afridi are directly related. They will soon become family members (son-in-law and father-in-law) as Shaheen is going to marry Shahid’s daughter, Aqsa.

In 2021, veteran cricketer Shahid announced that his eldest daughter, Aqsa, is engaged to fellow cricketer Shaheen. Shaheen and Aqsa are of similar age.

Shaheen Afridi Shahid Afridi
Shaheen Afridi’s daughter, Aqsa, and Shahid Afridi are set to marry. (Source: Zee News)

The Pakistani fast bowler has said he is in no hurry to get married and is currently focusing on his cricket. The wedding will reportedly take place after Aqsa completes her education.

Ayaz Khan, Shaheen’s Father, shared that the two Afridi families’ have had long-term ties. He reportedly confirmed that Shahid’s family had agreed to their marriage proposal.

In July 2022, Shaheen opened up about his love life for the first time in an interview. He only had sweet words to say when talking about his upcoming marriage.

Shaheen revealed that he wished to marry Aqsa and was thankful to God that it was coming true. Responding to questions about his to-be wife being jealous of his huge female fan following, “I am not sure; maybe she feels something like that,” he stated.

Shaheen Afridi Family Tree

Shaheen Shah Afridi was in Landi Kotal, Pakistan. His Father, Ayaz Khan, is a former government official, whereas his mother is a homemaker.

Shaheen Afridi family tree
Shaheen Afridi with his Father, Ayaz Khan. (Source: Cricket Pakistan)

Shaheen was born and raised in his hometown of Landi Kotal, a Khyber District town on the border with Afghanistan.

He was born on April 6, 2000, and is currently 24. The cricketer belongs to Pakistani nationality and the Zakhakhel Afridi tribe of the Pashtuns. 

Shaheen is the youngest of seven siblings in his family: all brothers. Riaz Afridi, his eldest brother, played a single Test match for Pakistan in 2004.

At the FATA Under-16 trials in 2015, Riaz introduced Shaheen to hard-ball cricket. He had previously only played tennis-ball cricket.

Shahid Afridi Family Tree

Shahid Afridi is the son of the Late Sahabzada Fazal-ur-Rehman Afridi, while his mother’s name is not revealed.  

The former cricketer is married to Nadia Afridi, his maternal cousin. The couple wed on October 21, 2020, when Shahid was 23 and Nadia was 16.

Nadia was reportedly born on January 29, 1984, which makes her seven years younger than her partner. 

The two are proud parents of five daughters: Aqsa, Ansha, Ajwa, Asmara, and Arwa. The Afridi family welcomed the youngest one, Arwa, in 2020.

Shahid Afridi family tree
Shahid Afridi with his daughters. (Source: NDTV Sports)

Shahid tweeted the news of the latest addition to his family in February 2020, thanking God for blessing his family. 

Additionally, he requested everyone to suggest a name with an ‘A’ initial. The family has a practice of naming its kids beginning with the alphabet.

Shahid Afridi And Shaheen Afridi Net Worth Difference

Online sources reveal that Shahid Afridi owns a net worth of $30 million, while Shahid Afridi is worth $7 million. The senior Afridi holds $23 million more than Shaheen.

Popularly known as Lala and Boom Boom, Shahid is a wealthy individual with houses in Karachi and Peshawar. He is also passionate about racing cars and bikes and owns an impressive collection.

Besides, he believes in giving back to the community. Shahid established the Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF) in 2014, which aims to provide healthcare and education facilities in Pakistan. He has also played several charity matches.

On the other hand, Shaheen is also one of the fastest-rising stars in the Pakistani cricket scene. He is a young millionaire and draws income from cricket, endorsements, advertisements, and other sources.

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