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Imogen Daines Gender: Is She A Transgender? Partner And Net Worth

Imogen Daines is a British Actress, and it is presumed that she is a part of the LGBTQ community. However, Imogen Daines Gender is currently disputed.

Before entering the film industry, she worked in theaters for plays. She has worked in various theaters, including the Flute Theatre, Rose Theatre, and Royal Riverside Studios.

Danies started working as a professional performer in 2012 and has continued to do so. Her first acting part was Emily in the short film Inside, where she made her debut. She currently has eleven acting credits to her name.

For her ground-breaking performance in the movie Despite the Falling Snow, she won praise from critics. Similarly, she portrayed Young Jackie in the highly regarded film Jackie.

Imogen continued her schooling at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. In 2012, she received an art bachelor’s degree from the University.

Imogen Daines Gender: Is She A Transgender? 

Because of Imogen Daines’ small size and outspoken demeanor, many people think she is transgender. Imogen, however, is exclusively a woman. Imogen Daines is a female. However, it is considered that she is cisgender despite this.

A transgender label has been applied to Imogen Daines because of her small stature and unique characteristics.

Imogen Daines gender
Imogen Daines Before and After.
Source: anthearepresents

Even though she has never publicly discussed the subject with anyone, it is reported that she started receiving film offers after coming out as a Cisgender.

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Everyone is curious why she has changed into a boy, even though she is not transsexual because she has a partner.

Imogen Daines Partner

Matt Parkinson is Imogen’s boyfriend at the moment. Unfortunately, not much information was available about him because the Actress has her Instagram account set to private.

Nonetheless, we are aware that Matt makes a living as a photographer. On different social media platforms, including Instagram, the couple can be seen spending quality time together. However, the photo is not viewable due to her account status.

Imogen Daines bf
Imogen Daines with her Boyfriend.
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Imogen Daines was born in the UK on May 16, 1988, and as of [calculate_years datestring=”05/16/1988″], she is [calculate-years] years old. She is an Actress and model.

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She weighs about 56 kilograms and has a remarkable physical stature at 5’8″ tall. She is proficient in various instruments, including the piano, guitar, and violin.

Imogen Daines Net Worth [current-year]

According to Popular Net Worth, Imogen Daines’ net worth is between $1 Million – $5 Million as of [current-year]. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by Imogen herself.

Daines has been in the industry for a long time and has been getting more films offered after she changed her appearance, so we can say she has earned plenty of money from her roles.

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She started her acting journey in media outlets with imperceptible part-time work.

She has been enthusiastic about acting and shows since a young age. Regarding her career, she has been credited with many movies and television shows up to this point.

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