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Is Barbara Pocock Related To David Pocock? Family Tree And Net Worth

Is Barbara Pocock Related To David Pocock? No, they are not – they are both politicians but have no blood relation. Since they have the same family name, most people might think they might be biologically related.

Find out more details about them below!

Is Barbara Pocock Related To David Pocock?

Barbara Pocock and David Pocock are not related biologically but are connected professionally. They both are politicians by profession.

Barbara, born on March 22, 1955, is an Australian politician elected as a Senator for South Australia in the 2022 Australian federal election.

The Australian Electoral Commission pronounced her elected on June 15, 2022; therefore previously stood as the Greens’ candidate for the Adelaide Division in the 2019 Australian federal election. She is an economist and a lecturer. She was born on March 22, 1955, in Berri.

She grew up on a mallee, sheep, and wheat farm in Lameroo, some 200 kilometers from Adelaide, South Australia’s state capital. 

She arrived in Adelaide in 1969 and enrolled as a boarding student at Wilderness Girls High School before transferring to Norwood High School in 1972 to complete year 12.

David Willmer Pocock (born April 23, 1988) is a former professional rugby union player and an Australian politician. Pocock was born and reared in Gweru, Zimbabwe then went to Australia as a youngster, where he played for Australia’s national rugby team.

He was the vice-captain of the Brumbies in Super Rugby and mostly played openside flanker. Pocock worked as an environmentalist and social justice advocate after retiring.

He campaigned as an independent candidate for one of the Australian Capital Territory’s two Senate seats in the 2022 Australian federal election.

He beat Liberal incumbent Zed Seselja, breaking the two main parties’ duopoly on the ACT Senate delegation that had existed since who gave the territory Senate representation in 1975.

Pocock was born on April 23, 1988. He is the oldest of Jane (née Ferguson) and Andy Pocock’s three boys.

Barbara Pocock And David Pocock Family

Between Western Force’s UK tour and the Wallabies’ 2008 Spring Tour, David Pocock climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with a buddy, Morgan Clarke, and he married his partner Emma Palandri in front of family and friends Perth at the end of 2010.

He and his buddy Luke O’Keefe manage the non-profit organization Eightytwenty Vision, which aims to aid the less disadvantaged people of Zimbabwe.

In the same way, Barbara Pocock has two kids who divorced their father after 22 years in 2007 and also presently living with her boyfriend, Ian Campbell, a Port Adelaide football fan and a gardener, painter, sewer, and writer in her spare time. 

Barbara Pocock And David Pocock’s Net Worth

David Pocock’s net worth is reported to be approximately $5 million. His primary wealth source is his past rugby union playing career and private company.

Past Australian rugby players’ excellent job has afforded them a luxury lifestyle and even expensive automobiles. He is one of Australia’s wealthiest and most potent rugby players.

The Net Worth of Barbara Pocock is not listed anywhere. She is a Politician and economist, so that she might have a good source of income.

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