Mike Chimombe Net Worth

Mike Chimombe Net Worth 2022: Why Was Former Affirmative Action Group President Arrested?

People want to know Mike Chimombe’s net worth in 2022 after he has been trending.

Former Affirmative Action Group president Mike Chimombe has been arrested at his Borrowdale Brooke home in Harare on suspicion of fraud.

Chimombe, a member of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s parallel structures, is said to have resisted arrest by uniformed officials, prompting CID to storm in.

Chimombe had a falling out with AAG’s owner, Phillip Chiyangwa, before leaving to start his splinter group, Economic Empowerment Group (EEG), with Scot Sakupwanya, Passion Java, and others.

Mike Chimombe Net Worth 2022 

Mike Chimombe’s exact net worth in 2022 has not been revealed yet. According to statista.com, the highest net worth of top businessman in Africa is up to 14 Billion $.

It’s no surprise that he’s wealthy, but his overall assets are neither confirmed nor calculated.

Mike never hesitates to spend money on extravagance, whether it’s his significant other’s birthday or his Mercedes.

Chimombe, who also serves as the head of the Mashonaland West Chapter of the Affirmative Action Group, is not afraid to flaunt his wealth when the occasion arises. Chimombe is Enzo Ishall’s former benefactor.

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Mike Chimombe Arrested: What Did He Do?

Mike Chimombe, the former president of the Affirmative Action Group (AAG), an economic empowerment advocacy group, has been arrested.

According to Zimlive, Chimombe was caught for fraud at his Borrowdale Brooke home in Harare. According to accounts, Chimombe was allegedly fighting arrest by uniformed cops, necessitating the assistance of CID officers.

Attempts to reach police spokesperson Paul Nyathi were unsuccessful because his phone went unanswered.

Meanwhile, Chimombe got involved in an adultery scandal after impregnating his wife’s younger sister. Chimombe, married to Mitchell, is reported to have impregnated Panashe Rusero, his wife’s sister.

Mike Chimombe Wife Sister
Mike Chimombe reportedly impregnated his wife’s younger sister, Panashe Rusero (Source: nehandaradio)

Panashe would go to her elder sister’s residence while she was in Lower 6. Chimombe would go to clubs at night with Panashe while she was now living with them, and family members began to notice that something was happening between them.

The 40-year-antics old’s with his sister-in-law were revealed when Panashe hosted a baby shower during which the two appeared to be cozy together.

A family source revealed the clandestine affair to a local tabloid. According to the insider, the family attempted to intervene earlier to stop the affair after noticing something unusual between the two.

Chimombe apparently attempted to marry Panashe once, but the uncle he contacted refused, and he was chased away. When contacted for comment, Mike Chimombe stated that his personal life was none of the press’ business.

He was also charged with attempted rape in 2021 after attempting to force a teenage girl to tape him while he was having sex with his boyfriend and persuading him to join them.

Mike Chimombe Career Details Explored

Mike Chimombe is a Zimbabwean lawyer, entrepreneur, and socialite. He served as President of the Mashonaland West Chapter of the Affirmative Action Group in 2016. 

Chimombe graduated from Nemakonde High School. Mike has a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Lesotho and a Master of Women’s Laws degree from the University of Zimbabwe.

Chimombe was criticized in May 2021 for visiting President Mnangagwa dressed casually in trousers and other articles of clothes. He apologized, claiming that the meeting was given the green light suddenly, and he couldn’t get home in time to change into formal clothing.

Chimombe, a former Zanu PF national youth league indigenization and empowerment secretary, said he took President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s appeal for diverse stakeholders to pool resources to combat the Coronavirus outbreak seriously.

From 2004 until 2007, he served as a Public Prosecutor for the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. Since 2007, he has worked as a Legal Officer at the Attorney General’s Office.

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