Christina Trevanion Pregnant

Is Bargain Hunt Star Christina Trevanion Pregnant Again? Weight Loss Before And After Picture

Is Christina Trevanion pregnant? Christina Trevillian is a television personality, British-American auctioneer, and entrepreneur.

She is a familiar face on television, appearing in several antique collection series, including Antiques Road Trip and BBC Bargain Hunt.

Trevillian is her antique enthusiast and runs her own antique company, Trevanion & Dean. She is a private person, especially regarding her personal life, and it is unknown if she is married or not.

She also doesn’t have much of a social presence on her media platforms and only has her Twitter and Instagram accounts, where she posts about her work and social life.

Christina Trevillian is also the mother of two beautiful daughters and regularly tweets about her experiences with her daughter. To begin with, her bio, let’s take a look at the top 10 facts about Trevilian that everyone should know.

Is Bargain Hunt Star Christina Trevanion Pregnant Again?

Bargain Hunt Star Christina Trevanion is rumored to be pregnant again, but according to research, this information is not accurate. 

The full name of this British antiquities expert is Christina Helen Johanne Trevanion. She is the daughter of David Trevanion and Hazel Trevanion and the sister of Nicola and Morwenna Trevanion. Her mother loved flower shops and cabinet auctions and decorated the house with antiques.

Christina Trevanion Pregnant
Christina Trevanion in New Year.
Source: Instagram

Christina fell into the world of antiquity from an early age; she began to participate in auctions. She later studied art evaluation in Southampton, after which she worked at various auctions at her house and eventually started auctioning in Whitchurch.

This incredible antique auctioneer and TV star collect glass mainly from the 1970s and 18th-century teapots, but if an artifact is on her mind, she gets it. When he’s not working, he enjoys relaxing and fun activities with his family and his dog, Welly.

Christina Trevanion Weight Loss Before And After Picture

Earlier last year, Christina Trevanion posted a photo on Twitter that got fans talking about her apparent weight loss. She was showered with unsolicited compliments. 

It’s unclear how she came to such a noticeable weight loss, but Christina maintains her tiny figure and waist.

Christina Trevanion Pregnant
Christina Trevanion Weightloss transformation before and after picture.
Source: TVstarbio

British auctioneer and antique appraiser Christina Trevanion is best known for occasionally contributing and hosting her expertise on the BBC television program Bargain Hunt.

Her involvement with Bargain Hunt began in 2013, 13 years after her debut. As an antique expert specializing in jewelry, pottery, silver, photography, and glass, she has also appeared in other notable BBC television programs such as Antiques Road Trip, Flog It and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

How much Net Worth Does Christina Trevanion Have? 

Christina Trevanion’s net worth is also pretty difficult to estimate for someone whose life outside work is primarily private. He seems to have become famous as a moderator.

Speaking of antiques, she should be worth millions as she earns a decent amount from auctions and antique sales. It is estimated her net worth is around $5 million.

Although Trevanion is American by birth, she also holds British citizenship and has spent most of her life in the UK. Although Trevillian is a Christian, he has not revealed whether or not he will raise his children religiously.

Although Christina has two children, she keeps her identity a secret and rarely shares her photos online. She had her first daughter in 2012 and turned 9 in 2021, but it’s unclear when her second daughter will be born. Christina’s marital status is unknown, and it is unknown if she is currently married, divorced, or single.

Christina Trevanion Pregnant
Christina Trevanion’s Instagram Post.
Source: Instagram

However, Christina traditionally carries her wedding ring on her left finger, which indicates that she is married. She rarely exposes her family to the public eye. Christina keeps her private life separate from media attention and as personal as possible.

When she broke her habit on Jan. 22, 2021, Christina posted a photo of her kids, husband, and dog playing in the snow as she talked about the effects of lockdown. The image is from the back, so you can’t see the face.

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