Stefanía Roitman And Chantal Roitman

Stefanía Roitman And Chantal Roitman Are Sisters, Parents And Net Worth Difference

The fact that Stefanía Roitman and Chantal Roitman are sisters has shocked everyone. Here’s what you need to know about their personal life.

Actress, model and host Stefana Roitman hails from Argentina. In the telenovela Simona de El Trece, she played the evil Lula and is best known for this in the acting world.

She portrayed “Lula” Achával, a villain, in the youth telenovela Simona, which El Trece broadcasted in 2018. She took part in the Luna Park production of it as well. 

Stefanía Roitman And Chantal Roitman Are Sisters

Actress Stefanía Roitman and Chantal Roitman are sisters. Chantal came into the limelight after her sister Stefanía’s wedding.

Chantal Roitman stood out among all the strange attractions with its attention on the management of the Montaner family. Many of the 400 guests and everyone who read the social media posts were captivated by Stefi’s younger sister.

Stefanía Roitman And Chantal Roitman
Stefanía Roitman And Chantal Roitman. (Source: mdzol)

Chantal Roitman is a trained makeup artist who has a psychology degree. She also recently increased the upload of her online profiles after taking Stefi’s advice. She frequently documents her workout routine, skincare routine, and interactions with her older sister in various posts and stories.

Stefi said that her sister has the most coveted patience on Earth to round out her definition of her. She continued by saying that even though the world was falling apart, she always used her magic to improve the surroundings.

Stefanía Roitman And Chantal Roitman Parents

Stefania was born on July 18, 1994, to her parents, Gabriel Roitman and Valeria Abraham.

She was born on the same day as the AMIA Attack in the Villa del Parque neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She practiced dance with her younger sister at the Tiempo Jazz school during childhood and adolescence.

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The personal information regarding their parents has not been revealed yet.

Stefanía Roitman Net Worth In [current-year] Explored

According to, Stefania’s net worth in [current-year] is more than $1 Million.

Stefania began her modeling career by participating in several advertising campaigns for the 47 Street line of children’s clothing. Roitman joined Operación Triunfo: La Banda’s academy as a contestant in 2012; however, after progressing through several galas, she decided to leave the reality show to concentrate on her academic pursuits.

Soon after, she and Nicolás Occhiato were asked to step in for Florencia Vigna as hosts of the KZO show, We Have Wifi, which later moved to the Net TV screen. 

She left the “We Have Wifi” program in 2019 to co-host with Gastón Soffritti the couples cycle Couple or unpaired, which was broadcast on Net TV. 

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She took part in the fictional Millennials series on the same channel that same year, playing Natalia Alvarez. Alongside José Maria Muscari, she co-hosted the inaugural season of Editando tele on Public TV in the same year.

Stefanía Roitman Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Stefanía Roitman married singer Ricky Montaner, a member of the duo Mau & Ricky and the son of musician Ricardo Montaner, on January 8, 2022. The two had been dating since 2020.

Stefanía Roitman And Chantal Roitman
Stefania Roitman on her wedding day (Source: webmediums)

The marriage of the well-known Venezuelan singer and the influential Argentinean sparked an unusual interest. Details of every aspect of the planning were revealed, including the choice of the entire field, which had an impressive structure. 

In addition, the event’s scrumptious investment is expected to cost around $1 million.

Due to all the factors that came together to create an event of extreme fascination due to the caliber of the bride and groom and the guests, their stunned the newspapers of the national and international media over the weekend.

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