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Is Boy 2 Quizon Related To Arjo Atayde? Girlfriend And Net Worth

Boy 2 Quizon and Arjo Atayde are related to each other in the same field as their profession is in the same area. Both of them are Philippines actors.

Manuel Villegas Quizon II, famous as Boy 2 Quizon, is an actor and producer in the Philippine movie industry. He has acted, directed, and produced many movies.

Is Boy 2 Quizon Related To Arjo Atayde? 

Boy 2 Quizon is widely known for the films 10000 Hours, Home Alone 2, and I’m Ellenya L. Boy and  Arjo are from the same movie industry, answering if they are related to each other good friends. As they share the same stage, they will probably share the same movie shortly.

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Boy 2 Quizon (Source: 3.bp.blogspot)

Quizon has been active since his childhood. He has given many hit movies to date. He has acted in films like First Day High, Someone to watch over me, and many more.

Popular Filipino actor Arjo Atayde is also recognized by his family name, Juan Carlos Campo Atayde. Arjo Atayde was born in the Philippines on November 5, 1990, and began his acting career.

He is a well-known actor in the 30-plus age range. He is also a politician serving as the independent congressman representing Quezon City’s first congressional district since 2022.

Boy 2 Quizon’s Girlfriend

Quizon is currently single. He has not provided any statement regarding his current love life, nor has he been seen dating someone from the same industry. He is busy making his career.

Commencing with his past relationships, he had been in love with Danica Satto for two years. Actress Danica Sotto, 39, is also from the Philippines. Her birth place is Manila, Philippines. Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnievie are her famous parents. Her horoscope is a Taurus. They both share the same industry.

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The couple has been separated due to their incompatible lifestyle and behavior. There were also some rumors from the media that they had violent relationships. Before splitting, they were in a loving relationship, but the couple got separated in 2001.

Later on, in 2005, Danica got married to Mark Escueta. They have been together for about 15 years. They are living happily together.

After that, Boy 2 and Rufa Mae Quinto started loving each other. Rufa Mae Quinto is also a Filipino. She is a famous TV personality and model in the Philippines. His girlfriend Rufa, since they got apart, has engaged in many relationships till date 2020.

Quizon and Rufa separated because of their professional life as they both had difficulty getting free. They were more into their profession than their relationship.

Boy 2 Quizon’s Net worth

According to the source ‘net worth post‘, the estimated net worth of the producer is around  $14 million. His economy is mainly boosted by his acting and the movies he produces. He also gets a salary from the industry.

Biyaheng Reggae, his debut album, is a combination of reggae and hip-hop and was created by Artstrong Clarion. Reggae/rap artist as well.  

He chose the name Boy2 rather than the conventional Junior. His movies are among the top movies and TV series on IMDb for 2020, as well as the most popular trailers, and he is considered a leading actor with memorable moments and more. 

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He has earned a huge name and fame throughout his career. Also, he visits different countries for different programs. He also makes some amount of money as well from there. He also earns from additional sponsorships, which he includes in the movie he produced.

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