Brandon Blackstock Related To Reba McEntire

Are Brandon Blackstock Related To Reba McEntire? Mother-Son Age Gap And Family Ethnicity

Are Brandon Blackstock related to Reba McEntire by blood? Here’s what you need to know about their relationship.

When Brandon Blackstock began dating Kelly Clarkson in 2012, he came into the public eye, but the talent manager was no stranger to fame.

The native Texan’s parents are Elisa Gayle Ritter and Narvel Blackstock. After his parents divorced in 1988, Reba McEntire became Brandon’s stepmother. Narvel and the country singer were wed from 1989 to 2015.

Are Brandon Blackstock Related To Reba McEntire? Mother-Son Age Gap 

Yes, Brandon Blackstock is related to Reba McEntire as he is the stepson of Reba McEntire. 

Even though they don’t have blood relatives, they will always be family. Reba McEntire, Brandon Blackstock’s former stepmother, and their relationship have remained solid through each of their divorces.

Brandon Blackstock Related To Reba McEntire
Brandon Blackstock parents Reba and Narvel (Source:

Brandon Blackstock was born on December 16, 1976, making him [calculate_years datestring=”12/16/1976″] years old as of [current-year], and his stepmom Reba was born on March 28, 1955, making her [calculate_years datestring=”03/28/1955″] years old as of [current-year]. The age gap between them is of 22 years.

Brandon has seemingly been McEntire’s son all of the time. Even though he is her stepson, she still loves him unconditionally, the singer said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in October 2021.

The country superstar grew close to Blackstock after her 1989 marriage to the talent manager’s Father, Narval Blackstock, and frequently referred to him as her “oldest son” in interviews.

Narvel Blackstock, the Father of Brandon Blackstock, and Reba McEntire first collaborated in 1980 when he was the steel guitar player in her band. Their professional relationship eventually developed into a friendship followed by a passionate romance.

Brandon Blackstock Family: Their Ethnicity Revealed

Brandon Blackstock’s ethnicity is White Caucasian, and they follow Christianity. His stepmother, Reba’s ethnicity, is English, with smaller amounts of Scots-Irish/Northern Irish and German.

Brandon’s Father and Reba wed in a private ceremony on a boat in Lake Tahoe, California, in 1989. Along with getting married to Reba, Narvel took on the role of her manager, and the two established Starstruck Entertainment to oversee the rising career of the native of Oklahoma. 

Brandon Blackstock Related To Reba McEntire
Brandon Blackstock with his stepmom and ex- wife Kelly (Source:

After getting married, the singer immediately gained three stepchildren from his first marriage to Elisa Gayle Ritter, and the two of them welcomed son Shelby in 1990.

The couple, who had been married for 26 years, shocked their fans and the country music community on August 3, 2015, when they announced their separation. A few months later, on October 28, 2015, the couple’s divorce was declared final. McEntire and the Blackstock family, as well as her three stepchildren, are still very close.

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She adores the children of her stepchildren and regards them as her grandchildren. As many fans are well aware, vocal powerhouse Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock wed in October 2013, and the couple has two children together: River Rose and Remington Alexander. 

Brandon Blackstock’s Relationship With Kelly Clarkson

Before Blackstock’s 2013 marriage to Kelly Clarkson, Reba gave him her blessing. Following several performances with Clarkson at the start of her career, the two singers grew close, and in 2018 they went on the 2 Worlds 2 Voices Tour together.

While Brandon was still married to Ashworth, he first met Clarkson. He later got back in touch with the Voice judge, and in 2012 they became engaged. River and Remington were born to the Kelly Clarkson Show host before she filed for divorce in June 2020.

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Following their divorce settlement in March 2022, according to court records obtained by The Blast, Clarkson was mandated to pay Blackstock just over $1.3 million in addition to $45,601 per month in child support.

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