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Is Fiona Coote Still Alive? Husband Ian Elliot And Kids

“Is Fiona Coote Still Alive?” Many people wonder about it as she was Australia’s youngest heart transplant recipient at 14 years old!

Late Princess of Wales Diana also talked to her about health while visiting the building back then at the St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. Being involved in the rarest surgery where people survived, she got attention and concern from people.

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Is Fiona Coote Still Alive?

Yes, Fiona Coote is still alive to date. She was born on 3 January 1970 and is fifty-two years old at present. While she was the fourth one to do a heart transplant in Australia, she is only the second to survive for a significant period.

Fiona Coote celebrates 30 years since Dr Victor Chang gave her a new heart in 2014
Fiona Coote celebrates 30 years since Dr. Victor Chang gave her a new heart in 2014 [Source-]
Her heart transplant was performed by the Chinese–Australian cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Victor Chang. The health observation was performed at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.

Her health problem expanded due to a viral-induced tonsillitis barrier that weakened her heart. However, her body did not accept the first heart, and she was forced to have a second transplant, which took place in 1986.   

After the procedure, her health is well, and she is enjoying a disease-free life now, is involved in activism-related work, and has appeared in television programs. She focuses on her heart with yoga, regular walks, healthy eating, and plenty of rest.

Fiona Coote Husband, Ian Elliot, And Kids

Fiona Coote married her husband, Ian Elliot, in 1996, although it is unclear why they are no longer together. As per Alchetron, their marriage lasted till 1999, i.e., only three years.

Moreover, she does not have any kids to date. The reason why she did not prefer giving birth to children is that it could put stress on her body as her life was god-gifted.

However, there is not much information about her personal details; she may or can adopt babies as well. This 52-year-old woman may reveal it soon, accordingly.

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Fiona Coote will speak about mental health in Ulverstone
Fiona Coote will speak about mental health in Ulverstone [Source- The Advocate]

Fiona Coote Social Work And Fame

Fiona Coote has done many social works in her life. Coote has devoted a large portion of her life working for humanitarian organizations, including the Victor Chang Foundation and the Starlight Foundation.

She was named a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 1999 in honor of her work raising money for seriously and terminally ill children and promoting public awareness of heart disease. 

She has also worked on promotions for Dairy Farmers and cereal maker Willow Valley. Due to her reputation, Coote was asked to participate in the Australian serial opera Neighbours too.

Coote started practicing acting but finally concluded acting was not her thing. Coote has been on television several times, notably in a Burke’s Backyard episode. Not only that, In 2001, a rose was named in honor of Coote called “Fiona’s Wish.”

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