Is Jamie Reagan Leaving Blue Bloods? What Happened To Him? Is He Coming Back?

Is Jamie Reagan Leaving Blue Bloods? Will Estes is not quitting Blue Bloods, as the fresh episode showed the bullet being removed from his body and Jamie Reagan recovering from the wound.

Jameson “Jamie” Reagan is a character a Sergeant in the New York City Police Department; he serves at the 29th Precinct, which William Estes have portrayed.

Many television series are filled with twists, and when some character gets hurt, or the plot line has something unexpected, the audience’s heart beats faster as they won’t know what will happen next. Likewise, More than 250 episodes of Blue Bloods have aired so far, and the same has happened with Jamie Reagan lately!

Is Jamie Reagan Leaving Blue Bloods? What Happened To Him?

No, Jamie Reagan is not leaving Blue Bloods. In the recent episode, doctors removed the bullet he had been hit with from his body, and Jamie Reagan recovered from the wound.

Blue Bloods season 13 theory: Jamie Reagan to be made Captain as family move up hierachy
Blue Bloods season 13 theory: Jamie Reagan to be made Captain as a family moves up the hierarchy [Source- Daily Express]
In the series, Castillo was the one shooting Jamie and bullets went over his vest, making him wounded close to the spine. Danny and Joe immediately took him to the hospital, with needed medical attention. 

Even though his surgery was successful, his health was critical, and he is suspected to be paralyzed. He was assigned a wheelchair and was discharged from the hospital after the treatment.

Not only that, in an interview, Will Estes and his co-star Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie Janko, talked about their roles as a character from March. None of them hinted about the dismissal, so there is no probable information about him leaving the show.

Until any of the official authorities related to it announces Jamie’s dismissal, he will not walk out of the show and keep entertaining people.

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Who Is Jamie Reagan On Screen Wife?

Jamie Reagan’s on-screen wife is Edit “Eddie” Marie Janko Reagan, a Police Officer in the New York City Police Department. Vannessa Ray portrays this Character.

She also works at 29th Precinct. In 2013, she graduated from the academy, and a week later, she partnered with Jameson in the 12th Precinct.

After her spouse got promoted to Sergeant, she was transferred to the 29th Precinct at the appeal of Sergeant Reagan. Later after being married, she decided to keep her name as Mrs. Reagan at home and Officer Janko at the workplace.

First Look: Meet Jamie's New Blue Bloods Partner
First Look: Meet Jamie’s New Blue Bloods Partner [Source- TV Guide]
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Will Jamie Reagan Be Promoted?

Although it is unclear whether Jamie Reagan will be promoted, there is a good probability that everyone will think highly of him and that he will be given a new promotional role.

There were more possibilities for the same since, as the bullet struck him, the members applauded him for his bravery. Even though the cast members have not provided spoilers, observing the scene and appreciating his hard work will be amazing.

However, if his health condition worsens in the series, the higher authority can also hold the promotional plan.

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