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Is John Berman Leaving CNN? What Happened To Him And Where Is He Going?

John Berman will leave his role in the New Day program of CNN. According to President Licht, John will be replaced by three other people on the New Day.

John Berman is the co-anchor of the “New Day” CNN newsroom. He joined CNN in 2012; that year, he was co-anchor of At This Hour with a partner Kate Bolduan.

Before joining CNN, he worked on ABC news in 1995 as an intern; he worked as a researcher for some time and got promoted to senior writer. He covered news regarding different trending things and was one of the best writers and researchers at the same time.

Now, he has been with CNN for 10 long years, and he is leaving CNN. Learn more about his career at CNN.

Is John Berman Leaving CNN?

CNN has announced replacing John Berman and Brianna Keilar with Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow, and Kaitlan Collins in New Day later this year.

Although John and Brianna will be there in the show till the premier of the new program later this year. Are they both going to leave CNN after this?

Maybe they might now leave CNN because President Chris Licht has said that both of them will be a new role in the new show again working together.

Keilar and Berman, the hosts of CNN’s revamped morning show
Keilar and Berman, the hosts of CNN’s revamped morning show (Source: thedailybeast)

After the president has said that, they will be seen in the new role. We cannot be sure that Berman will be leaving CNN. 

More information about his new role will be announced soon, or he will decide to refuse the part and connect with other news. 

The media are trying to cover up the reason behind the replacement and decision of Berman. CNN has been changing different things lately, so that we might find John soon with a new role. 

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What Happened To John And Where Is He Going?

The morning show John Berman and Brianna Keilar is hosting will have a new set, a new person (Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow, and Kaitlan Collins), and will host with a different format, said president Licht on September 15, Thursday.

Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins to Anchor New CNN Morning Show
Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow, and Kaitlan Collins to Anchor New CNN Morning Show (Source: cnnpressroom)

On Thursday, CNN announced they are replacing the New Day host with three people. Licht said that this three would be a perfect match for the show; he has been looking forward to the premier night.

Although, John and Brianna will host the show until a new one starts. What will they do after the unique show begins with another host? 

President Licht has confirmed that John will have different roles with the network, but we don’t have any information regarding which role and for what program. 

We are still unknown about where John is going; many news is trying to cover up the information regarding the changes CNN has made. 

All the audience has questions regarding whether John is doing okay or healthy. Berman has lived his life healthy and happy. The changes made by CNN have nothing to do with his health. 

Where is John going if not CNN? The question everyone is curious about will be updated soon after he announces it to the public. Also, if he will be with CNN, which role will he be doing? The answer will get updated after CNN updates its new media. 

Also, John will not be leaving CNN any day soon; he will still be hosting with his partner until the new show arrives later this year. 

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