Lil Durk And King Von

Is Lil Durk And King Von Related- Are They Brothers? Net Worth

King Von & Lil Durk are not related. They are just lifelong friends. Scroll to know more about the rappers.

Is Lil Durk And King Von Related? Are They Brothers?

No, King Von and Lil Durk are not related. 

When Lil Durk posted a rambling Instagram tribute after the rapper passed away, fans started to believe that King Von and he were related.

Lil Durk shared a picture of King Von on his Instagram account, which has 7.8 million followers. He penned the following caption: “MY TWIN GONE “I LOVE YOU, BABY BRO – D ROY !!!!!”

People assumed the pair were real blood-related twins and brothers right once, but this isn’t the case.

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While King Von and Lil Durk may not be biological brothers or twins, Lil Durk referred to King Von in that way because the two of them were close friends growing up.

They both grew up in Chicago’s O’Block neighborhood, where they have maintained a close friendship. King Von called Lil Durk his “baby bro” because he was Lil Durk’s junior for two years.

King Von was first signed by Lil Durk to his record label Only the Family in 2018 before being transferred to Empire Distribution. The two have worked together numerous times; their most well-known songs are Crazy Story from 2019 and Like That from 2020.

King Von was also joined on tour by Lil Durk to promote and establish a name for the budding rapper.

Lil Durk And King Von’s Net Worth

One week after releasing his debut album, American rapper and songwriter King Von passed away. He was estimated to have a net worth of $750,000 at the time of his passing. These facts about King Von’s wealth shed insight into the life of the hero who perished just as his career was reaching its pinnacle.

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He was featured in the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards’ Memoriam montage. His music continues to be heard today.

According to a 2020 Forbes estimate, Lil Reese’s net worth is USD 1,000,000. Although some of his hit songs contribute a more significant portion of his income, legal concerns have prevented him from progressing in the American music industry.

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