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Is Selma Blair Sick? What happened To American Actress? Illness And Health Update 2022

Is Selma Blair Sick? Selma Blair is said to have health complications. She revealed to her followers in October 2018 that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Actress Selma Blair Beitner is American. Before being recognized for her prominent role in the movie Brown’s Requiem, she had various roles in both films and television.

She is also renowned for her outstanding performances in a wide variety of films, including “Legally Blonde,” “The Sweetest Thing,” “A Dirty Shame,” and others. Selma’s stunning picture has thrilled the entertainment business for many years since it is both sultry and cold.

Is Selma Blair Sick? What Happened To American Actress? 

Selma Blair revealed to her followers in October 2018 that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a crippling neurological disorder that is incurable and in which the immune system attacks the coating on the nerves.

Actress Selma Blair published a book about surviving multiple sclerosis a year after she read about her experience with the disease in a documentary.

Selma Blair announcing her book's first draft
Selma Blair announcing her book’s first draft
Image: Instagram

Blair also describes the persistent pains and sensations she had throughout her life, starting in her early years, in her book.

Blair said of the discomfort she’d been feeling at the time, “I had so many things that were so symptomatic of MS.” “Medicals believed I had leukemia. I didn’t, but the fever remained high all the time. The childhood illnesses were related. I am sure I already had it by the time I was 23. It was undoubtedly there for a very long time.

Blair persevered despite her physical limitations and alcohol dependence. She earned a household name at 26 after becoming recognized as an actor in the 1998 movie “Brown’s Requiem.”

Selma Blair Illness And Health Update 2022

Blair admitted to Savannah that she turned to drink because she wanted to put numerous unpleasant events behind her. Blair discusses being repeatedly violated in her story, having had multiple rapes. “I drank to block off these memories. I drank to disappear, not to attract attention, she writes.

The actor claims that after an incident in which she passed out on a plane in front of her son, she hasn’t taken a drink. Once the plane had landed, a stretcher was used to remove her.

She said to Savannah, “I could have died on that plane, and that’s what truly made me stop drinking.” “I mean, everything just changed once I became a mother,” she said.

To manage her MS symptoms, Blair underwent chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. She has resumed her long-time favorite activity, horseback riding.

Regarding her physical state, Blair remarked, “The ache is still there.” I’m in remission, but I haven’t developed any new lesions. I still have some residual brain damage and other problems, but I don’t care. I’m thankful because my situation has dramatically improved.

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