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Marisela Federici Figlia: Italian Actress Husband Family And Net Worth

Fans want to know about Marisela Federici Figlia. They want to learn more about her family and net worth.

Regina viarum is headed by Marisela Federici, also known as Rivas y Cardona.

She is also a member of the Via Appia Antica Defense Group, the vice president of the AIRC chapter in Lazio, and the honorary vice president of the “Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini” organization.

She also participates in the planning committee for the Venice Foundation.

In addition, Paolo Federici’s spouse Marisela is Hugo Chavez’s Venezuelan grandchild.

Marisela Federici Figlia

Marisela Frderici’s daughter’s name is Margherita Tamraz.

She was formally born in New York in 1985 but based on the fact that she finished her education at La Sapienza University and received a degree in literature there, it seems that she was raised in Rome.

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Marisela Federici also known as Rivas y Cardona (Source: Orrieredellumbria)

She currently lives in Milan and works as a photographer. You have worked on numerous tremendously significant projects over the years, many of which have been connected to your employment or photography.

On the other hand, her Father is Roger Tamraz, an Egyptian who founded the vast oil business Tamoil.

Margherita may be found on a variety of social media websites, though.

Margherita’s mother later had a son named Edoardo after remarrying famed businessman Paolo Federici; hence Margherita is not an only child.

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Marisela Federici Husband And Family

Paolo Federici, a well-known Roman businessman, was Marisela Federici’s second spouse. She became a widow after he left her with his son Eduardo (in 2016).

Marisela Federici previously wed Roger Tamraz, a notable Egyptian tycoon and the creator of Tamoil, with whom she had a daughter named Margherita Tamraz.

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marisela federici in La Furibonda. (Source: Advanced style)

Under the trade name Tamoil, The Oilinvest Group provides fuel energy to the European downstream oil and gas sector. The Oilinvest Group primarily sells European refined oil products under the Tamoil and HEM brands.

However, the couple’s marriage lasted for a short time before they separated. Their journey seemed to have come to an end because of Roger’s continual betrayals of the Countess.

His frequent betrayals caused the marriage to end after seven years. We are unaware of Marisela’s subsequent committed relationships after the death of her second husband in 2016.

She and her family relocated to Madrid following the events in Venezuela, where she spent her formative years.

The tyrant Marcos Pérez Jiménez murdered her grandmother’s grandfather, Carlos Delgado Chalbaud.

The name Marisela was taken from a book by former Venezuelan president Rómulo Gallegos, in which Marisela’s mother went begging while her husband was detained for political reasons. Marisela was the name of the main character in the book Doa Bárbara.

Marisela Federici Net Worth

Marisela Federici’s estimated net worth fluctuates from $5 million to $10 million.

Her exact net worth has yet to be determined. We can, nevertheless, assume that she has a sizable net worth and that, as a result, she lives a lavish lifestyle.

She does have a name-branded Instagram account, which may be seen here. La Marisela Federici is the name of it. Despite not being confirmed, the account currently has over 1.7K followers.

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