Is Ziggy Leaving Home And Away? Is She Pregnant In Real Life? Husband And Net Worth

Sophie Dillman, popularly known as Ziggy in the famous Australian series Home And Away, is not leaving the show any soon.  

Sophie Dillman is an Australian TV actress best known for her role on the show Home and Away, on which she plays the role of a character called Ziggy Astoni. She appeared on Home and Away alongside Ray Meagher. 

She started playing the role of Ziggy in the year 2017. Sophie Dillman was also nominated for the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent for her role in Home and away. She also played the role of a Nurse in Romeo and Juliet. 

Sophie Dillman: Is Ziggy Leaving Home And Away?

Sophie Dillman, known as Ziggy on the show, disclosed in an interview that she wants to stay in Summer Coast as long as she definitely can. She also states that she’s honored to be able to work on the show.

She also said, “We’re honored to have the chance to work as an actor on Home and Away, and it is dependend to the writers and producers how long a character is designed to be there.”

Sophie has acted on the show for five and a half years, and she confirms that she isn’t ready to crimp her mechanic dress. Dillman says, “I will work in the show as long as I can as I love everyone there, and who knows how long it stays for?”

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At one point, Sophie Dillman admitted she feared losing her Channel Seven show due to suffering from endometriosis. She was worried there would be an effect of having a swollen stomach as a symptom of endometriosis.

However, Sophie claimed the producers and the squad was supportive and understanding and always kept health first. 

Is Ziggy Astoni pregnant in Real Life?

Sophie recently claimed that she is not pregnant in real life. However, she had been playing the role of a pregnant woman with certain barriers has left her feeling odd and scared.

On the show, Sophie meets many difficulties on her pregnancy journey. This has led to fights with Dean, her partner in the front, & even a hospital rush after taking toxic insolvents. 

However, she is also strangely excited about this new experience. In one of her interviews, she says. “It’s odd, but it’s been really exciting playing a pregnant woman with nausea, food cravings, and mood swings.

 Sophie Dillman | TVNZ
Sophie Dillman | TVNZ

Moreover, Sophie likes the thought of having kids. However, she disclosed her struggles with her illness of chronic endometriosis. This illness can last for years and cause complications before/during pregnancy. It also reduces the incidence of casual conception.

The actress has been open and honest with all of her boyfriends about her infertility troubles. She discussed the issues in an interview, being open about the challenges:

Sophie Dillman’s Husband

In December 2017, Sophie was engaged to Jackson Heywood, her co-star. Jackson Heywood played Brody Morgan on the TV sitcom Home and Away. He played Brody Morgan from 2016 through 2019.

However, the couple separated before they could marry. After Sophie’s divorce from Heywood, she is currently dating Patrick O’Connor, her co-star. In Home and Away, Patrick O’Connor plays Dean Thompson, her love interest. Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman met at the University six to seven years ago.

Sophie Dillman and Patrick O'Connor -Entertainment Daily
Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor –Entertainment Daily

The pair claimed they had known each other since elementary school. They met at their University. But they had never spent much time together.

The actors, who play Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson, respectively, told TV Week that they couldn’t be happier with their relationship, with Sophie explaining that being friends first helped strengthen them as a couple. “We were work buddies first, and it’s helped us work well together now, so we’re lucky in that regard,” she said.

Sophie Dillman Net Worth

Sophie Dillman is one of the wealthiest television actresses. Sophie Dillman is also included in the lists of famous persons born on July 2nd and the richest celebrities born in Australia. According to an internet database, Sophie Dillman’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Sophie’s acting job is her main source of income. She is extremely wealthy thanks to her commitment to her hard work in her line of business. She has worked hard, and it shows in the affluent life she leads. She has appeared in numerous productions in a variety of roles. Among Australian celebs, she is well-liked.

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