Is Gab Pangilinan Related To Kiko Pangilinan
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Is Gab Pangilinan Related To Kiko Pangilinan? Parents – Relationship With Donny Pangilinan

Is Gab Pangilinan Related To Kiko Pangilinan? Know the relationship between Kiko and Donny Pangilinan.

Gab Pangilinan is a Filipino actress best known for her role in the film On Your Feet as Gloria Estefan. Kiko Pangilinan is a Filipino politician, lawyer, and farmer who served as a senator for the Republic of the Philippines for 18 years.

Is Gab Pangilinan Related To Kiko Pangilinan? 

Gab Pangilinan is not related to Kiko Pangilinan, even though their surnames match.

Gab’s notable roles include The Shirelles’ lead singer, Marilyn Wald in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Roxane in Mulah sa Buwan, and Daisy Hilton in Side Show.

While Francis Pancratius Nepomuceno Pangilinan, also known as Kiko Pangilinan, is a Filipino lawyer, politician, and farmer who was a Senator from 2001 to 2013 and again from 2016 to 2022.

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Kiko Pangilinan Relationship With Donny Pangilinan

Donny Pangilinan is an actor, model, singer, host, and VJ from the Philippines. Donny is Anthony Pangilinan’s and Maricel Laxa’s son.

Kiko Pangilinan is the uncle of Donny Pangilinan. Donny Pangilinan, an actor, has proclaimed his support for Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan’s vice presidential campaign.

Donny has shared some of his uncle’s experiences and lessons and has closed with a statement of support. With great pleasure and honor, the younger Pangilinan addressed Kiko as his Tito (uncle). He went on to say that Kiko has his vote and his full support.

Kiko Pangilinan 1
Donny Pangilinan with his uncle Kiko Pangilinan (Source: Instagram)

The message of support also came ahead of the Commission on Elections’s round of vice presidential debates on Sunday, March 20.

Donny stated that he has always looked up to his uncle, literally and metaphorically.

He noted that many people know Kiko as a senator and a VP candidate, but to him, Kiko is a Ninong, an uncle, a second father, and many of his cousins.

In addition, the actor revealed that the senator was his first employer. Donny worked as a farmer on the legislator’s property. He said that Tito Kiko was his first boss. 

Tito texted him and several of his relatives one summer when he was around 13 or 14, asking if they wanted to work as farmers on his farm so they could experience a portion of the hard work that farmers go through daily.

During a campaign event in Koronadal City last week, the senator told supporters his nephew would soon join him on the campaign trail.

On Sunday morning, he also shared a photo of himself and Donny on Facebook, tantalizing supporters and netizens who have been anticipating the actor’s appearance in campaign activities.

The aspiring vice president is Vice President Leni Robredo’s running mate in the presidential election.

Gab Pangilinan Parents: Who Was She Born To?

Gab Pangilinan was born to Filipino parents on November 22, 1991, in Manila, Philippines. Her given name is Gabrielle Pangilinan. Gab is 31 years old as of 2022.

Gab was born to her father, Joseph Pangilinan. She hasn’t revealed her mother’s name and personal information. She grew up with her two siblings, Timo Pangilinan and Kara Pangilinan.

Gab is a Filipino national of Asian ethnicity – he is a devoted Christian.

She has not disclosed any information about her education or academics. However, it is fine to assume that she attended a good college.

Gab Pangilinan Net Worth In 2022 Revealed

According to joebidenbio, Gab Pangilinan’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $300,000 by 2022 because of her acting profession. 

According to online sources, the actress’s hourly wage is $580122, or $279. Gab may have made the same salary range throughout her career, but the actual sum is unknown.

Gab enhanced her professional income by endorsing, advertising, and supporting numerous fashion brands and companies. Gab’s net worth and earnings will undoubtedly rise as her career in the United States advances. Gab and her family live a rich and pleasant life in the Philippines.

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