Jamie Foxx Wife

Jamie Foxx Wife: Is He Married To Kristin Grannis? Kids Family And Net Worth

Fans assume that Kristin Grannis is Jamie Foxx’s Wife because they have a daughter together, Annalise. However, she is Foxx’s ex-girlfriend.

Jamie Foxx is a versatile and multitalented persona. He is best known as an actor, R&B singer, and stand-up comedian.

In addition, Jamie was the third African American actor to win an Oscar. He has been delivering fantastic performances over the years.

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Jamie Foxx Wife: Is He Married To Kristin Grannis?

Fans assume that Kristin Grannis is Jamie Foxx’s wife because they share a daughter. But, no, she is not his spouse; instead is his ex-girlfriend.

Foxx has kept his matters private. However, Jamie Foxx’s baby mama, Kristina Grannis, has been the subject of speculation over the years.

Grannis and Foxx’s relationship was made public in 2017, but it is unknown when they started dating. They first met while working in “Public Relations.”

The couple always had a complicated relationship, which was unfortunate.

Jamie Foxx Wife
Jamie Foxx with his Wife Kristin Grannis and their daughter (Source: ShowbizCorner)

According to Amo Mama, Grannis’ father stated that Foxx’s previous romantic relationship with a high-profile celebrity led to the breakup of the couple’s relationship.

Foxx secretly dated actress Katie Holmes in 2013. In December 2018, they were spotted on a romantic vacation in Miami, Florida.

Moreover, Foxx didn’t want to go public about his rumored relationship with the veteran actor, who has also been linked to actress Carla Santana and former beauty queen Olivia Colpo.

Jamie Foxx Kids And Family

Jamie Foxx has never been officially married. However, he is the father of two daughters.

His eldest daughter’s name is Corinne. She was born in 1994, resulting from a five-month relationship with military veteran Connie Kline.

Rising star Corinne previously attended the University of Southern California. In 2016, she was eclipsed as Miss Golden Globe.

Jamie Foxx’s daughter, whose real name is Corinne Marie Bishop, appeared on television from the age of six.

Initially, she appeared in a few episodes of her father’s The Jamie Foxx Show. In 2016, she played the role of Rachel in the MTV series “Sweet/Vicious.”

Eventually, Corinne made it to the big screen, appearing alongside Sylvester Stallone’s daughter, Sistine Stallone, in Johannes Roberts’ “47 Meters Down: Uncaged.”

In 2016, she appeared as a model at New York Fashion Week.

Annalise is the second daughter of the actor. She was born in 2009, and her mother is Kristin Grannis.

Jamie Foxx Wife
Jamie Foxx with his two daughters (Source: family Tron )

Although Jamie and Kristin have never married, they maintain a friendly relationship because of their daughter.

Annalise is currently a school student. She is good not only at studies but also at sports. She is a member of the school’s soccer team.

Jamie tries to be in his daughter’s life as much as possible. In 2015, he took Annalise to the Grammy Awards.

Speaking of Foxx’s parents, his biological mother’s name is Louise Annette Tully Dixon. Although the actor often spends time with his mother, he was not very close earlier.

Louise divorced Foxx’s father, Darrell Bishop when he was still a baby. His adoptive parents, Mark and Esther, helped her raise the child and eventually officially adopted Jamie.

The actor has two half-sisters from the maternal side: Deidra Dixon and DeOndra Dixon.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Jamie Foxx?

According to Showbiz Corner, Jamie Foxx has a net worth of $170 million as of 2024.

In addition to television, film, and music appearances, Foxx earns this money from stand-up and sketch comedy.

With so many sources of income, it’s no wonder he lives a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle.

Jamie Foxx is also active on his Instagram Account. He goes by the username @iamjamiefoxx.

Jamie Foxx Wife
Jamie Foxx, versatile and multitalented actor (Source: Instagram)

According to Parade.com, Foxx earns around $16.67 million annually.

However, Jamie Foxx’s annual salary probably changes every year depending on the projects he does.

When Jamie Foxx started doing stand-up comedy in 1989, he began making headlines. He chose the name “Jamie” as his stage name.

After only a few years in the comedy industry, Fox starred in the FOX sketch comedy series Living Color in 1991.

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