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Meet Rachel Weisz Daughter Grace – Kids And Family

Rachel Weisz daughter Grace is sensibly being kept out of the public eye, so the parents can give her a sense of normalcy alongside her big brother and sister when they have the famous actors as their family. 

Rachel and Daniel have kept quiet about each other and their relationship, but there are a few times when the husband and wife have talked about each other and what it is like to be married, but nothing more. They fiercely protect each other’s privacy as well as their kids.

Daniel has previously stated that he would not give his massive wealth to his children. He wants his kids to be financially independent and capable of caring for themselves financially and emotionally when he is gone.

So, the actor will do something other than bestow his wealth to his children instead of taking care of the assets in another responsible manner.

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Rachel Weisz Daughter Grace – Her Cute Baby Girl

The Oscar-winning actress welcomed her baby girl in September, 2018 with the brilliant actor Daniel Craig who portrayed the famous character of James Bond. Grace has grown to be a beautiful and happy child of four as her parents try to give her a loving environment and provide privacy however they can.

Rachel Weisz Daniel Craig Daughter Grace
Rachel Weisz with her daughter Grace (Source: Pinterest)

Being famous actors and always in public, both initially decided to keep quiet about their relationship. They kept their pregnancy a secret as long as they could before Rachel was showing; then it was the gender and the delivery date.

With that in mind, they also wanted to keep their daughter out of the public eye, even her name. However, her name was accidentally announced to the world when Ella, Daniel’s first daughter, posted a picture of a gingerbread House with their names written on it on Instagram.

Being this secretive just shows how much the couple values their personal life and wants to keep things quiet and out of the media gossip. But, there are times when they cannot control every move; for instance, both parents were seen dropping off Grace at a preschool in New York.

Rachel Weisz Husband Daniel Craig – Relationship Timeline

The couple first met in 1994, pretty early in their acting careers, as they began working together in the “Les Grandes Horizontales” playing at the National Theatre Studio in London.

Before tying the knot, they were good friends. Rachel has told the media that she never wanted to get married. But after co-starring in the movie “Dream House,” a psychological thriller where the duo was to portray a married couple, they turned their friendship into a romantic one.

Rachel Weisz Daniel Craig
Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig at the premiere of Spectre 2015 (Source: Good Housekeeping)

This relationship with Daniel gave her the push she needed to decide that she would like to get married to him, and so she did. They got married not long after being romantically involved with each other.

They tied the knot in June 2011 in the Big Apple with a simple low-key wedding with close friends and family only. And since then, they have been blissfully in love to date.

Ella Loudon
Daniel Craig Ella Loudon (Source: The Berkshire Eagle)

Both actors have kids from their previous relationships. Daniel has a 30-year-old daughter from his first marriage with actress Fiona Loudon. They were married in 1992 and were separated in 1994.

The actor then dated German actress Heike Makatsch for seven years but parted ways in 2004. Soon after that, Craig was engaged to Satsuki Mitchell, a movie producer, and the couple was together from 2005 to 2010.

Rachel Weisz son
Rachel Weisz with her son Henry Aronofsky (Source: Daily Star)

And Weisz has a 16-year-old son with her ex-partner Darren Aronofsky, a director to whom she gave birth in 2006. Rachel and Darren decided to raise their son together even after the end of their relationship.

Still, very much in love and with their blended family, the couple is going strong. Whenever they appear together, they appear to be in so in love and have respect for one another. They are also proud of each other’s work.

Rachel says they love to talk about the plays and shows they love and discuss with one another. The last we saw, the beautiful yet private couple was on the red carpet for the London premiere of “Glass Onion” to show her support and love for her husband.

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