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Javier Marias Wife: Was He Married? What Happened To The Novelist?

Javier Marias Wife is Carme Lopez Mercader. The fans of the author are curious to know more about his wife. To learn more about Carme Lopez, keep reading.

Javier’s books were translated into 46 languages and sold almost 9 million copies across 56 countries; Marias was chosen in 2006 to join Spain’s Royal Academy, the country’s highest literary and linguistic body.

In 1951, Javier Maras Franco was born in Madrid. The philosopher Julián Maras, his father, was briefly detained and later prohibited from his noble Franco.

Who is Javier Marias Wife? Meet Carme Lopez Mercader 

Spanish novelist Javier Marias is married to Carme Lopez Mercader – the couple has been together since their teens, and both are writers.

With his wife and their two children, Daniela and Martin, Marias currently resides in the house he bought in Jaén, Andalusia. Carme Lopez teaches English to Spanish-speaking kids at a school in Jaén.

Javier Marias Wife
Javier Marias and Carme Lopez Mercader Image Source:(esquire)

She has translated several books into Spanish from several languages, some of which were written by her husband. She also produces her own short stories and poetry.

Although Marías is not yet well known to readers in the United States, in Europe, he is a literary and intellectual sensation; he strikes a perfect balance between conflicting traits.

Famous philosopher Julián Maras, his father, was imprisoned and then barred from teaching in Spain for opposing the Franco regime, and Maras briefly lived in the United States as a child.

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What Happened To Javier Marias? Details To Know

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, Marias died at a hospital after failing to recover from a lung illness (COVID-19).

A highly well-known Spanish novelist Javier Marias reportedly died at 70. He passed away on September 11, 2022. following the publisher. 

Marias unexpectedly checked himself into a hospital after failing to recover from a lung condition. The family and friends are contacted about medical topics to get feedback on the situation.

Nine days before his 71st birthday, Maras passed away in Madrid from COVID-19. Spanish novelist Eduardo Mendoza was the best writer in Spain at the time of his passing and was best known for his descriptions of feminine characters.

Before the pandemic, Maras underwent a grueling back operation, and he split his final years between his home in Madrid and his wife Carme López Mercader’s villa in Sant Cugat (Barcelona).

Javier Marias Carrer Explored

Javier Marias, the Spanish novelist, was one of the best contemporary novelists. His personal life has always been secret because he never talked about it. His novels have themes such as love, war, and death, which influenced his stories profoundly in their scope.

Javier Marias
Javier Marias holds his latest novel “Los Enamoramientos” Image Source:(reuters)

But there was always an element that made many readers like him. Javier Marias not only had a great sense of humor but also said provocative things in his interviews to keep media attention around him. His works have been translated into many different languages, including English.

Since Camilo Jose Cela received the award in 1989, he had long been regarded as the most likely Spanish author to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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