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Ramla Ali’s Husband, Richard Moore: Children And Net Worth

Richard Moore, Ramla Ali’s husband, is thrilled that his wife has created history again.

Ramla Ali is a British-Somalian professional boxer, writer, model, and activist. She began boxing to lose weight at just 13, but her career bloomed after she won the “Novice National Championship” in 2015.

Since then, the boxer has won multiple titles in the featherweight category. Likewise, she is the first professional female boxer from Somalia and the first Somali person to participate in the Olympics.

The lady has been making history one after another, and recently she again made history by being the first female boxer to fight in Saudi Arabia, as reported by The Sun.

Ramla Ali
Ramla Ali

Now, as the historical boxing match is on Saturday, i.e., 20 August 2022, the public is inquiring about her bio details, especially her husband.

So please stick with us to know everything about the pro-female boxer.

Ramla Ali’s Husband, Richard Moore

Ramla Ali’s husband, Richard Moore, is a boxing coach.

The couple fell in love when Richard was training her. According to The Guardian, Richard and Ramla had known each other for only 4 months before their marriage.

However, their love and attraction were so strong that they exchanged their wedding vows in 2016.

Ricard says that getting married to Ramla was not that easy. He met her parents during an Eid dinner and told them about their relationship.

But Ramla’s family didn’t take his words positively and disagreed due to religious and cultural reasons. “We were persistent and slow with her family, and one day they finally agreed, claimed Ramla’s husband.

Ramla Ali with her husband, Richard
Ramla Ali with her husband, Richard

The pair had a religious wedding at Ramla’s, and a grand party was organized from Richard’s side. 

As of now, the boxer calls her husband to be her biggest strength.

Professionally, Richard is a boxing coach and a producer.

Ramla Ali’s And Richard Moore’s Children

Richard and Ramla do not have children.

Nonetheless, the pair is currently focused on helping needy children worldwide.

As the boxer was once a needy child from Somalia whose family fled to the United Kingdom as refugees, she understands the pain. 

So, Ramla became an activist to help disadvantaged people; she has collaborated with various organizations and provided help in counties like Kenya.

In 2018, she established a charitable organization called ‘Sister’s Club’ to help Muslim women and allow minor groups to learn boxing. The organization now also helps women fight against domestic violence or discrimination.

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Ramla Ali’s Net Worth

Ali’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be in the millions.

Though the boxer’s earnings are yet to be made public, some online sources report it to be $1,50,000. But it’s not official.

As an accomplished professional female boxer with multiple world records, Ramla has been enjoying her lavish life.

In addition to being a boxer, she is also a model who has served various top brands. She is the brand ambassador for Dior, Pantene, Cartier & Nike.

Moreover, Ramla has been on the cover page of Vogue, ES Magzine, Wall Street Journal, etc.

The boxer’s accomplishments do not end here; she has even written a novel called “Not Without A Fight.” The book is based on the 10 most essential fights of her life.

In 2018, Ramla pledged to donate 25% of her first year’s earnings as a professional boxer to organizations that support “Black Lives Matter.”

Ramla Ali’s And Richard Moore’s Age Difference

Ramla Ali and her husband Richard Morre’s age gap seems normal.

Ali is 32 years old as she was born on 16 September 1989. However, we are not sure about her husband’s age.

Nevertheless, from Ramla’s Instagram post, we learned that he celebrates his birthday on 7 October.

Judging from the photographs, Richard must be in his late 30s. And the pair look perfect together.

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