Jean Smart: Personal Life, Career & Net Worth

Jean Smart is an actress who has appeared in films, television shows, and on stage in the United States.

Smart is also well-known for her humorous performances.

Her most prominent role is Charlene Frazier Stillfield on the CBS series Designing Women.

Jean Smart is the lead actress in the hit show Hacks.
Jean Smart is the lead actress in the hit show Hacks.

Furthermore, Jean Smart also features in “Hacks,” one of the best TV shows of 2021.

In addition, Jean’s appearance in Samantha Who? a funny sitcom that aired from 2007 to 2009, was a tremendous hit.

Moreover, she was also able to win an Emmy Award for her role in this show in 2009.

The article discusses the early life, personal life, career, awards, net worth, social media, charity, and relationships of Jean Elizabeth Smart. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Jean Smart: 

Full Name Jean Elizabeth Smart
Birth Date September 13, 1951
Birth Place Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Residence Los Angeles, United States of America
Nationality American
Years Active 1979 – 
Hobbies Cooking, Movies, Reading, and Dining out
Education Ballard High School and University of Washington School of Drama
Ancestry Not Available 
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Father’s Name Douglas Smart 
Mother’s Name Kay Smart 
Siblings Georgia Smart 
Age 72 years old
Height 5 feet 7 inches (1.76 m)
Reach Not Available
Weight 58 kg (128 pounds)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Profession Actress
Partner Richard Gilliland (1987 – 2021) 
Children Connor Gilliland and Bonnie Gilliland
Net Worth  $5 million
Social Media Not Active
Last Update March, 2024

Jean Smart: Age, Height, and Weight 

The American actress is currently 72 years old.

Smart weighs around 58 kilograms or 128 pounds. Similarly, the actress has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. 

Her astrological sign is Virgo. Additionally, Virgos are modest, imaginative, hardworking, and pragmatic.

The official flowers of the sign are the buttercup and chrysanthemum

Jean Smart: Early Life

Smart began her career as a provincial theatrical actress in the Pacific Northwest.

Jean acted with the Seattle Repertory Theater and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

In addition, she returned to New York City in the mid-1970s with Elizabeth Wingate, a university friend.

The actress then went on to work in Off-Broadway and significant regional shows after that.

In the Pittsburgh Public Theater, Jean Smart played Lady Macbeth. Moreover, Smart was nominated for a Drama Desk Award in 1981.

Additionally, she was nominated for her portrayal in the Off-Broadway production Last Summer and praised her abilities and efforts.

In addition, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Smart started acting in television in various minor to mid-sized guest roles.

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Jean Smart: Personal Life

Jean Smart was born in Seattle, Washington, on September 13, 1951.

She was also the daughter of Kay and Douglas Smart. Moreover, her mother was a housewife, and her father was a teacher.

Smart also has three siblings. However, her siblings’ identities are unknown.


Dorcas Hoar is Smart’s ninth great-grandmother. Moreover, Dorcas was arrested and charged with witchcraft in 1692.

Furthermore, when Hoar was indicted with heading a theft organization in 1678, she already had angered her Puritan neighborhood.

Furthermore, she received a lenient sentence, and luck smiled on her sometime during the Salem Witch trials.

As Hoar surrendered the night prior, she was scheduled to be hanged. Moreover, she was given an additional month to prepare for her execution.

Furthermore, the panic had mainly subsided by the end of the month, and Dorcas Hoar was subsequently set free.


Jean Smart went on to graduate from Ballard High School in 1969. In addition, this was how she first developed an interest in acting.

After that, Jean Smart went over to the University of Washington Professional Actors Training Program. She graduated from the university with a BFA.


On the set of Designing Women, Jean and Richard met and became attached. Furthermore, Smart initially regarded their connection as ironic.

Moreover, it was because Gilliland was playing another character’s romantic lead on the show.

In addition, Smart even sought and met fellow actor Delta Burke to find out if Gilliland was married. 

Furthermore, Smart and Gilliland’s friendship grew soon after. Moreover, in 1987, the pair wedded inside the rose garden of another cast member Dixie Carter.

Jean Smart with her husband at an Event
Jean Smart with her husband at an Event

Soon, in 1989, the couple welcomed their first child, Connor. Furthermore, Smart and Gilliland adopted Bonnie, a 10-month-old Chinese baby.

Sadly, her husband died on 18th March of 2021 in Los Angeles, USA. Moreover, they were married for more than 34 years.

Jean was shooting the Hacks when she heard the sad news.

Jean Smart: Career

Smart made her big-screen debut in the comedy series Designing Women as Charlene Frazier Stillfield.

Moreover, the actress departed the show in 1991.

In 1995, Smart got chosen as the protagonist in the 13-episode comedy series High Society, featuring Mary McDonnell.

She also acted alongside Nancy McKeon in Style & Substance, a CBS sitcom that lasted only a few seasons.

Jean was also cast as Lana Gardner in the widely praised tv comedy Frasier in 2000. 

In addition, Jean appeared in a Broadway production of The Man Who Came to Dinner.

Moreover, Smart received roles in various movies shortly after, notably Sweet Home Alabama. 

She also played Dr. Ann Possible in Kim Possible. In The Oblongs, she portrayed the character of Pickles Oblong, an intoxicated chain smoker.

The show “Fargo” introduced Jean in the second season of the FX television program in 2015. Moreover, she played Floyd Gerhardt in the show.

Smart also starred alongside Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, and John Lithgow in The Accountant.

Furthermore, in the 2018 television series A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, Smart portrayed a guardian angel of Noelle.

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Helen, Smart’s character, sat on the stairwell railing to see Kate Winslet off on her engagement with Richard.

Furthermore, Smart also informed the host that she felt it would be amusing to fake go off the railing and frighten her coworkers.

However, on the other hand, Jean stretched back a bit too far, lost her footing, and fell to the ground underneath.

Moreover, Smart also received an emergency room visit, a bruised rib, and a concussion due to the incident.

In addition, she also had to spend five days in the hospital, consisting of 3 days in isolation in the hospital.

Jean Smart: Awards

She has won various prizes, notably Primetime Emmy nominations and a Tony Award nomination.

Furthermore, Jean is also well-known for her roles in film, television, and theater.

Smart has also been nominated for nine Primetime Emmy Awards for her shows, winning a couple for her humorous appearance.

Jean Smart show Hacks is one of the most talk about TV show alongside Squid Game.
Jean Smart is striking a pose.

She, too, was considered for a Tony Award for her portrayal in the Broadway production of George S. Kaufman’s play.

Additionally, it was for the play “The Man Who Came to Dinner.” Moreover, she also received a nomination for Best Actress in a Play for the movie.

In addition, she was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award in 2007 for Guinevere. The actress has also received a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Jean has also received two Critics’ Choice Television Awards for Fargo and Watchmen.

Jean Smart: Charity

In 2020, the Designing Women’s cast gathered for a worthwhile purpose.

Additionally, Sony Pictures Television revealed that actors Annie Potts, Jean Smart, and Scott Bakula would reunite.

They’ll also play their parts in the show for a charitable roundtable reading of the 1986 pilot.

Furthermore, the country’s most prominent online social equality non-profit organization, Color of Change, will benefit from the meeting.

Moreover, the NGO manages World Central Kitchen’s COVID-19 assistance activities.

Jean Smart: Social Media 

The 72 years old American actress is not available on any social media platforms. 

Although her images and videos can be seen on different social media platforms, Jean Smart does not have any official profile on social media platforms.

Jean Smart: Net Worth 

She considered every opening and possibility in her acting career as valuable as the role she was given.

Furthermore, Smart did it with sufficient grace and perfection, whether in plays or films.

As a result of her work and abilities, she has become a wealthy individual.

Jean Smart is also reported to have a net worth of $5 million.

Moreover, her net worth includes all of her earnings from her acting career and investments.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What did Jean Smart win for Hacks? 

Smart won the best lead actress award for her role in the comedy series Hacks.

In addition, Hacks has also been named as among the most-watched series of 2021, alongside Squid Game.

What did Hollywood think about Jean Smart’s marriage? 

Richard Gilliland’s romantic relationship with fellow actress Jean Smart defied Hollywood standards.

Furthermore, it was because their relationship lasted nearly as long as their acting career.

How did Jean Smart’s husband die? 

Richard Gilliland, Jean Smart’s husband, died suddenly on March 18, 2021, at the age of 71, from a cardiac problem.

Furthermore, Smart was shooting “Hacks” at the time.

Does Jean Smart have diabetes? 

Smart got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was just a child.

Moreover, Jean was just 13 years old when the actress suffered from the disease.

Did Jean Smart have any other jobs in her life? 

Smart stated that she has never worked a “day job” in addition to acting.

She made a career in Seattle’s professional theater scene for numerous years.

Jean then relocated to New York City, where she started acting on Broadway.

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