Jennifer Coolidge loves to make people laugh.

Jennifer Coolidge: Rumors, The White Lotus & Net Worth

Jennifer Coolidge is a comedian, actress, and activist from the United States.

From 1999 until 2012, she was most recognized as Jeanine Stifler from the American Pie film series

Moreover, she is also well known for her role as Sophie on the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls, which she played from 2011 to 2017.

The White Lotus star, was also part of
The White Lotus star was also part of “2 Broke Girls”.

Jennifer Coolidge’s portrayal in ‘White Lotus‘ has also been applauded as a feat of enormous passion and sophisticated acting.

In addition, Coolidge has a track record of supporting AIDS relief and animal rights.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Jennifer Coolidge: 

Full Name Jennifer Audrey Coolidge
Birth Date August 28, 1961
Birth Place Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Residence New Orleans, Los Angeles, United States of America
Nationality American
Years Active 1993 – 
Hobbies Not Available
Education Emerson College
American Academy of Dramatic Arts
Ancestry German Americans, Irish Americans, and British Americans
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Father’s Name Paul Constant Coolidge
Mother’s Name Susannah Coolidge
Brothers and Sisters Andrew Coolidge
Sisters Elizabeth Coolidge and Susannah Coolidge
Age [calculate_years datestring=”08/28/1961″] years old
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Reach Not Available
Weight 65 kg (143 pounds)
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Profession Actress
Partner Single
Children None
Net Worth  $10 million
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Jennifer Coolidge: Age, Height, and Weight

Jennifer Coolidge stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs approximately 65 kilos.

Furthermore, Virgo is the star sign of the American actress. Moreover, her hair is blonde, and her eyes are brown.

Virgos are also systematic and rapid thinkers, and their mental energy is so high that they are constantly anxious and tense.

Buttercup is the official flower of Virgo, which is a bright and cheerful flower.

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Jennifer Coolidge: Personal Life

Jennifer Coolidge was born on 28th August of 1961. Moreover, she was born in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. 

She is the daughter of Gretchen and Paul Constant Coolidge. In addition, Coolidge has one brother and two sisters.

Andrew Coolidge is her younger brother. In addition, Jennifer’s sisters are Elizabeth and Susannah Coolidge.

Her humanitarian activities and advocacy have included assistance for AIDS relief and animal rights in the past.

Furthermore, Jennifer is also well-known for her advocacy of the LGBTQ+ community and is frequently regarded as a gay icon.

Coolidge is an animal lover with a pet dog named Chuy, rescued from a Korean meat factory.

Music before Acting 

She wasn’t simply interested in acting when she was younger.

Besides, Coolidge possessed some musical abilities. The actress is also able to play the clarinet.

In addition, she was also exceptionally talented, and she was able to attend orchestra camps for several summers.

Moreover, Jennifer wanted to have a career in music before deciding on acting. 


Jennifer attended Weston School in Cambridge and Norwell High School in Norwell, Massachusetts.

Coolidge afterward enrolled in Boston’s Emerson College. Similarly, Jennifer subsequently joined the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Relationships and Rumors 

Jennifer Coolidge does not appear to be very interested in revealing her personal information.

Additionally, she is regularly spotted on the red carpet by herself. Furthermore, she primarily uses social media to discuss her work.

Coolidge’s love life, on the other hand, has been the subject of numerous rumors.

Moreover, several fan speculations have surfaced over the years regarding comedic actress relationships.

Furthermore, it is rumored that Jennifer married Tom Mahoney a long time ago.

Another rumor is that they have two children together. Unfortunately, at this moment, there is no credible information about these claims.

Furthermore, Chris Kattan is another of Jennifer’s rumored lovers.

Kattan is also a comic actor who was a member of the cast of Saturday Night Live from 1996 to 2003.

Moreover, they were also photographed countless times together.

Jennifer Coolidge: Career

Early Career

Jennifer Coolidge’s first television appearance was in an episode of the iconic sitcom Seinfeld, where she played Jerry’s girlfriend, Jody.

Furthermore, Jennifer also acted on the ABC sketch comedy series She-TV in 1994.

In addition, Jennifer also featured in low-budget films such as; Not of this Earth, Plump Fiction, and Slappy and the Stinkers. However, she only received minor roles.

Jennifer’s film roles were supplemented by a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Special. Furthermore, Roseanne was a part of just another comedy series.

Moreover, Jennifer also starred as “Stupid Girl” in the Showtime TV movie Bucket of Blood.

Subsequently, Jennifer also appeared in a brief role in “Young Man” alongside Will Ferrell.


Jennifer Coolidge made her breakthrough in Christopher Guest’s cult film Best In Show.

Furthermore, she portrayed a woman who adored her 95-year-old husband. Moreover, the film was built on a mutual fondness for peas and soup.

Jennifer made her Broadway debut in Claire Boothe Luce’s comedy The Women in 2001.

Jennifer was also nominated for a Drama Desk Award for Best Featured Actress in a Play.

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Her meteoric ascent to fame was cemented when she was cast as Stifler’s mother in all three American Pie films.

Paulette is an unsuspecting beautician with an unforeseen and pretty funny tough side in Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde II: Red, White, and Blonde.

Moreover, she starred alongside Reese Witherspoon in the film.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, A Cinderella Story 2004, The Broken Hearts Club, and others are among the films Jennifer Coolidge appeared.

In addition, Coolidge appeared in the comedic film Austenland and the film Alexander and the Terrible.

Furthermore, Coolidge can also be seen in Horrible, No Good, and Very Bad Day films.

After that, in 2015, Coolidge had a brief appearance in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip.

Additionally, She also joined the cast in the show Glee that year.

In addition, the American actress dubbed Mary Meh in the 2017 film The Emoji Movie.

Moreover, in 2018, Coolidge appeared in Ariana Grande’s music video named “Thank U, Next.”

Jennifer Coolidge: An Exceptional Work in “The White Lotus.”

The White Lotus star, Jennifer Coolidge, is a scene-stealer type of actress.

In addition, in any production they’re in, those actors and actresses take center stage.

Jennifer Coolidge portrays Tanya McQuid in
Jennifer Coolidge portrays Tanya McQuaid in “The White Lotus.”

As seen in HBO’s “The White Lotus,” Jennifer Coolidge appears to be the type of celebrity that can take charge.

In addition, Coolidge takes huge and bold decisions. Moreover, they appear destined to be told and program director Mike White wanted to mention them in The White Lotus.

Furthermore, filmmaker White had always envisioned a bizarre and magical show centered on Coolidge.

HBO, on the other hand, rejected his proposal. Then “The White Lotus,” a television show, was made.

Moreover, Jennifer is also recognized as precisely paced and launched after only a few episodes.

Subsequently, her performance is a well-deserved great splash for a performer who, it appears, can do everything.

Moreover, “This White Lotus” series is about the personnel of a fancy hotel and its crazy visitors.

Coolidge portrays a woman lost in her luxury, a sense that the actress later turns inside out.

Jennifer Coolidge: Net Worth

Jennifer Coolidge’s net worth is reported to be at $10 million.

In addition, Coolidge earns almost $1.28 million per year. Furthermore, she has also earned well for several films.

Coolidge, for example, was paid half a million dollars for her role in American Pie: Reunion.

Even though Coolidge isn’t working as much as she used to, she still has maintained her wealth.

Jennifer continues to receive royalties, which has helped her to keep her riches. In addition, the American actress is quite active in humanitarian activities.

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Jennifer Coolidge: Social Media

Jennifer Coolidge is an avid social media user. Moreover, she is very active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Maggie also displays her funny side on all of her social media accounts.

Jennifer Coolidge posing for a photo.
Jennifer Coolidge is posing for a photo.

Furthermore, she frequently promotes her work in her posts. For example, she recently posted on Instagram about her latest project, “The White Lotus.”

In addition, Coolidge has over 655K Instagram followers. Similarly, she has around 126K Twitter followers.

She has approximately 855K people who follow her on Facebook, while she follows no one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Jennifer Coolidge buy a house in New Orleans? 

Jennifer bought two residences in New Orleans in 2005. However, during Hurricane Katrina, both of her residences were ruined.

Why did people call Jennifer Coolidge the first MILF? 

Jennifer became a sensation overnight for her role in American Pie. Moreover, she portrayed the character who tried to seduce her son’s classmate.

And that is how she was associated with the word MILF.

Did Jennifer Coolidge appear in the TV series FRIENDS? 

Jennifer Coolidge appeared in an episode of FRIENDS called “The One with Ross’s Tan.”

Furthermore, Jennifer portrayed Amanda Buffamonteezi.

In addition, Amanda Buffamonteezi is a former friend of Monica and Phoebe who had relocated to the United Kingdom and acquired a phony British accent.

Did Jennifer Coolidge’s home feature on a movie? 

Several sequences from the movie “The Beguiled,” which was released in 2017, were shot inside Coolidge’s home.

Furthermore, Jennifer permitted her New Orleans house to the filmmakers and film team for filming.

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