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How Old Is Harvey Calderwood From The Control Room? Parents Family And Net Worth

Viewers of ‘The Control Room’ are left wondering about Harvey Calderwood’s age. He appears on the show as a younger version of the main character, Gabe Maver.

Harvey is a young actor, barely stepping into the entertainment industry, and has already landed quite a significant role as the younger version of the show’s main character.

The show’s central character is Ian De Caestecker, who plays the role of Gabe Maver. 

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The show was the subject of critical reviews, but Calderwood’s performance was generally well-received.

The show, ‘The Control Room,’ is his first and only work as an actor as of 2022. The show is a thriller.

Harvey Calderwood Age: How Old Is He?

Harvey Calderwood is 15 years old, and on-screen, he plays roles that fall within his believable age range, i.e., 10-14.

The exact date of his birth is unknown, but, assuming from his age, he was likely born in 2009. 

Harvey Calderwood
Harvey as young Gabe Maver in ‘The Control Room.’ (Source: Radio Times)

According to the agency that Calderwood works with, he is four feet and five inches tall.

The agency also describes Harvey as having blue eyes and brown hair. As per their website, the young actor is based in Glasgow, Scotland, and London, UK.

The agency that Harvey works with is called KR Management. 

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The agency’s website states that he can do a Glasgow accent when playing a role and is also well-versed in the standard American accent.

Meet Harvey Calderwood Family: Who Are His Parents?

There is currently no information regarding Harvey Calderwood’s parents or their marital status.

His parents may want to protect their privacy should their son suddenly become famous. 

Doing so isn’t uncommon for parents of young actors; they probably value their privacy more than fame from their children’s work.

Multiple young actors’ parents have remained anonymous, even at the height of their children’s careers. 

As such, the young actor’s educational journey has been kept from the public eye. Of course, he attends school, but the name and location remain undisclosed.

It also hasn’t been revealed if Calderwood has any siblings. If he does, they remain out of the current spotlight that the young actor finds himself in.

How Much Is Harvey Calderwood Net Worth?

As a young actor who has just begun his journey, Harvey’s net worth is assumed to be well under $10,000.

Many shows and films pay young beginners around $1000 for a 30-45 minute episode.

However, depending on whether the crew is unionized or not, the pay differs.

The unionized crew is paid royalties for each episode, while the non-unionized crew is given just a flat salary.

The type of crew for ‘The Control Room’ is not determined, but it is safe to say that Harvey was paid around $2000 per episode.

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As the show only has three episodes, we can round up his salary to around $6000.

But, the actor might also have some assets in his name that add to his net worth.

Although he appears to have a modest net worth for an actor, his profession is still in its early stages. His riches could increase as his acting career develops.

The youngster might also go on to sign brand endorsements, which will lend a helping hand to his total wealth.

Based on Harvey Calderwood’s performance in his debut show, he appears to have phenomenal talent. This young actor will soon receive many further offers for parts in movies and television shows.

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