Jeon Jong-seo plastic surgery

Jeon Jong-seo Plastic Surgery Before And After- Who Is Her Boyfriend Lee Chung-hyun?

Rachel Jun, also known as Jeon Jong-seo, is a rising South Korean model and actress who quickly went from a film fanatic to a film star. She has gone through plastic surgery but only in her film.

Jeon quickly rose to prominence after her first-ever audition led to the role of Hae-mi in Lee Chang-dong’s thriller Burning in 2018. She starred opposite Yoo Ah In and Steven Yeun.

Moreover, the actress won Best Actress at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards for her performance in The Call.

This year, Jeo’s popularity reached sky-high after she played Tokyo in the Korean adaptation of Money Heist. In this spinoff, Jeon starred alongside Park Hae-soo (as Berline), Yoo Ji-Tae (as The Professor), Kim Ji-hoon (as Denver), Yoon-Ju Jang (as Nairobi), and Hyun-Woo Lee (as Rio).

Jeon Jong-seo Plastic Surgery: She Had One In A Movie

Actress Jeon Jong-seo has never had plastic surgery in real life. Instead, her character had one in the 2018 movie Burning.

In the scene, Jongsu (Yoo Ah-In), an aspiring writer dressed in his usual shabby T-shirt and hoodie, does not recognize his old classmate from his village Haemi (Jeon Jong-seo). It is because, as Jongsu proudly proclaims, she has had plastic surgery.

Jeon Jong seo surgery
Jeon Jong-seo in the film Burning.
(Source: Han Cinema)

The 28-year-old actress is most likely happy with the way she looks. The 5 feet 5 inches tall lady has brown eyes, black hair, and fair & clean skin. She perhaps does not want to change anything about it.

Besides acting, Jeon does modeling and has experience working with brands like Vogue. She could not have done it without her natural beauty.

Jeon Jong-seo Boyfriend Lee Chung-hyun: They Met And Fell In Love On Set

Jeon Jong-seo has been in a relationship with Lee Chung-hyun since December 2021.

Jeon’s agency, My Company, confirmed the news. They said the actress is currently dating director Lee and they had good feelings for each other and recently began a romantic relationship.

Jeon Jong seo boyfriend
Actress Jeon Jong Seo And Director Lee Choong Hyun Confirm That They’re Dating.
(Source: Soompi)

Lee also confirmed his relationship with Jeon in an exclusive interview with JTBC news.

Jeon is also full of praise for Lee. She mentioned that Lee has always treated her kindly from the first to the final day of filming. The actress expressed gratitude for his understanding and caring nature.

She also thanked him for letting her learn many things, like how to overcome new things and act freely. The emerging actress says she feels grateful to him for opening the door for the career of her dreams.

Jeon Jong Seo (27) and Lee Choong Hyun (31) worked together in the movie The Call. The Netflix film cast Jeon was directed by Lee. Jeong plays the female antagonist alongside Park Shin Hye. The movie premiered in November 2020.

Besides, Jeon once posted a two-shot selfie with her boyfriend, Lee. In the shared picture, the two wore comfortable clothes and glasses, giving off the vibe of an adorable couple. Fans were surprised and happy and left positive comments.

Who Is Lee Chung-hyun?

Lee Chung-hyun, also spelled hyeon, is a South Korean director, screenwriter, and producer quickly gaining fame and acclaim. 

Aside from The Call, his works include Bargain (2015), Hateueotaek (2020), and Born to Spy (2021). But his most acclaimed project of all remains the award-winning The Call.

Lee and his girlfriend Jeon recently announced another collaboration in the upcoming movie Ballerina. Netflix has said Jeon would be the lead actress, along with Kim Ji Hoon (as Choi Pro) and Park Yoo Rim (as Min-Hee).

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