Selma Blair Illness

Dancing With Stars: What Illness Does Selma Blair Have? Weight Loss And Health Update

Selma Blair’s illness has made her even stronger after she received lots of love from her fans.

Selma Blair participated in a Town and Country interview in April 2021, in which she told how she discovered she had a terrible ailment. 

Blair was honored in 2018 when Christian Siriano asked her to walk the runway at his New York Fashion Week show.

Selma Blair Illness: What Happened To Her?

As part of her continuous dedication to raising awareness about multiple sclerosis, Selma Blair has spoken honestly about the moment she knew she had the disease.

Her leg gave out as she was walking in a Christian Siriano performance in February 2018, and she recognized something was wrong after years of “weird symptoms,” she told Variety.

Blair claims she understood the sensations weren’t psychosomatic since she was so pleased to be a member of the cast at the time.

“This is a moment I want to remember for the rest of my life,” Blair told Variety, noting that her hands “basically stopped working” a few months later.

Blair has made news about her health before. Selma Blair, an actress, and fashion designer have spoken out about her experience at a recent fashion show, claiming that she experienced a loss of sensation in her leg while on the runway.

Cruel Intentions actress described losing feeling in her left leg while walking down the runway during a fashion show. It didn’t help that I was standing on a runway, unsure of what to do.

Blair shared her thoughts on the experience on Instagram in February, prior to publicly announcing her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis (MS) in October.

Blair’s MS diagnosis was reassuring at the time, but she subsequently admitted that she would have been less harsh on herself if she had known the cause of her symptoms sooner.

Blair told Vanity Fair in August that she was urged to “make preparations for dying” while undergoing several medical treatments to cure cancer.

Blair reported that she was in remission and her “prognosis is great” following a successful stem cell transplant, despite her protracted battle with illness.

Selma Blair Weight Loss Journey

Selma Blair lost a lot of weight since her illness.

As she walked her son Arthur to the park in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, the actress revealed her incredibly thin, almost skeletal figure.

Selma Blair 1
Selma Blair and son Arthur Bleick spend the day at Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles (Source: dailymail)

The Anger Management actress, who wore no bra and nearly averted a wardrobe malfunction on a hectic morning out, also appeared exceedingly fatigued, with her make-up-free complexion drawing emphasis to the large bags under her eyes.

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Selma Blair Health Update In 2022

Selma Blair updated followers on her health struggle in her first video of 2022, noting that she is doing well.

She was keen to reassure supporters who had been following her MS battle that her health had considerably improved. She admitted that she considers herself really fortunate that these days are not painful for her.

As she prepared to take her medication and undergo tests, the Cruel Intentions actress cracked a few jokes. “I’m a kind bit tired because my…WALL-E device is doing its job,” she explained, alluding to the IVIG treatment she is receiving.

Selma used Harry Connick Jr.’s A Wink and a Smile to distract herself from the taste of her son Arthur’s chewable Benadryl at another time in the video.

Blair claimed in 2021 that she was in remission, three years after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. Even though her days can be exhausting, the Legally Blonde star wanted to let fans know she was thinking of them.

Instead of making her announcement all about herself or focusing on the negative aspects of her diagnosis, Blair chose to express her gratitude. 

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